From: Catherine
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 12:00:31 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I am hoping you can help me.

About three years ago it started, I moved from Washington state to Louisiana. A few months after I left, my sister called told me that she had a problem in her place; she would be sleeping and get the feeling she was being watched. She would wake up and see a tall thin 'man-looking-thing' standing by her bed and when it realized she was awake, it would run away out the back of her house. She could hear its foot steps; the door was locked and bolted from the inside. I told her to sage and cleanse her place.

Then it was my turn.

A few months after that, I was awakened by a tall 'thing' standing in my doorway about two feet from my side of the bed. It was peaking around the doorway looking at me. I opened my eyes and saw it but then it ran away. This went on for several weeks until I got fed up and 'saged.' Then a few weeks later I came home from work and I could feel a presence in the house. It made my hair stand up a little. I asked, 'what it wanted' and 'who it was' but received no signs, so I said, "Get out before I banish you!" I could feel it laugh as it left.

A few months later, I had a dream where the same creature that came into my home took me through our galaxy past all the breath-taking up close. We went to another galaxy and to a planet with a grayish pink atmosphere where there were no plants or trees and the buildings looked like tall adobe houses. Tram like things went from building to building. There were no children and no one spoke to me. I was brought back here.

A few nights later I was awakened by the sensation of someone laying on my shoulder. It freaked me out. Jeremy was on his side of the bed, no one was suppose to be on my left side, I opened my eyes and turned my head and saw a thing shaped like human but not as tall as the one who peeked around my door. It ran away,

Over the past few months, Jeremy will come in to the room I am in and ask, "Were you just talking to me?" I would tell him 'no' but he thinks I am and just trying to freak him out, I swear it is not me,

A few months later, I had gone to bed early. I was awakened by the feeling of being watched. I opened my eyes and saw a face right in front of me. I screamed and screamed until Jeremy came running and turned on the lights. He kept telling me to stop screaming. I could not for a good bit. After I stopped I told him what happen but he said it was just a dream. I told him that wasn't; I saw a face.

About two weeks before the eclipse I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye and shadows going across my neighbors house, small things, large things in the house, they all move with speed. I know they are not ghosts...I know a ghost when I feel one and they are there not here.