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To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: encounters
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 23:23:06 +0000


I had an experience and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I saw your website and decided to write to you and maybe you can tell me if it was possible a shadow person or not.

It was around the end of 2002 or beginning of 2003, and my sister and I had moved to Portland Oregon, after our parents died. We moved into this nice apartment complex, where we could relax after all the heartache. We were only there for about a week when we found out from the handyman that a couple years prior, the tenant below us had murdered his wife and daughter there in the appt. It creeped us out a little, but thought nothing of it. About a month had passed since we heard the news and things were going great. Then I had my first encounter. (So I'm not sure if what I saw was the murderous tenant or a shadow person).

I was asleep in my bed when I was woken, the tingling sensation running through my body of someone intentfully watching me while I was sleeping. As I slowly opened my eyes, I expected to see nothing, but the hallway light on. There was this black figure blocking my doorway, (which was completely open). I could tell by its eerie presence that it was surely a male. He was so large that the only light he allowed into my room was through the bend on either side of his neck, and through his spread out fingers. I will never forget the fear that ran through my mind straight into my soul. It was the same fear I would get as a child waking up from a night terror. So paralyzing, I couldn't move or even scream out for help. He stood there watching me through his amber glowing eyes. I sat there under my covers for what seemed like the longest minutes of my life, until I could muster up enough strength to break the fear, and scream for my sister.

When I screamed out for her, she instantly came running for my room. Just as she entered my door way, the entity exploded from the center with a cataclysmic white light that engulfed my room. I covered my eyes from the blinding pain. When I opened my eyes, my sister was standing over me with the most amazed, yet confused, look on her face. I sat up in bed as she asked what the blinding bright light was. She had seen it explode when she turned the corner and entered my doorway. So I told her what had happened, and ended up sleeping the rest of the night in her room.

I wasn't sure what to think this creature was. But by its black color, I would assume it was a "shadow person". My sister and I are not new to ghostly encounters by any means. But this particular one was the worst. I've never seen an actual apparition before. Just mostly touches, sounds, and unexplained movement of objects. Our old house was extremely haunted, which was where most of our experiences happened.

My sister has had other encounters at the apartment with a little girl in a white nightgown, walking past her door at night, and giggling in her room. I do believe she could be the daughter of the murderous down stairs tenant.

But I thought you all might be interested in my story, and might give me some feed back on what you think as far as shadow people go.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter, you can write back to me at

Thank you