From: Mamma
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2015 6:16:15 AM
Subject: My story -Shadow people !!!!

Hi :)

I´m so happy that I found this page because I would love to share my story!!! I do apologize if my English not that good because I do speak other languages!!!

I saw ”shadow people” around three times:

The first time I was around 11 years old. I was playing with my younger sister in the living room. She was sitting in my lap, I was tickling her and we were laughing and having fun. Suddenly in the corner of our eyes, we saw a thin, tall shadowy figure running from one corner to another and then disappeared. The figure had very long but thin legs and was very fast!!!!! Both my sister and I were shocked and we stopped playing, we really got scared !!!!!

The second time I was around 19 years old. My family and I just moved to a new apartment in Europe and my sister and I shared a bedroom, my brother´s bedroom was just next to ours. One day when I was sleeping, I started opening my eyes (I think it was around 1:00 am) I saw a black shadowy figure sticking his head and watching us/me from our bedroom door corner. The figure was neither my brother nor my father because he was taller and his head was black and no features!!!! No nose, no eyes, no mouth … and his head was not round it was oval in shape!!!! It was not an intruder either because we lived in the 8th floor and the shadowy figure was ”light” almost like he/she doesn’t have any weight. I got really scared and I stuck my head in my blanket. When I lifted my head again the figure was gone but this time I CHASED it!!!! I stuck my head carefully through the door facing my brother´s room and I saw the same FIGURE looking back at me. I shouted carefully my brother’s name but I got no answer!!! I realized that this figure was not human it was something else and I ran back to my bed!!! VERY SCARY!!!

The third time I saw a shadowy figure it was not more than one year ago. But this time I was married and had a beautiful baby girl. It was around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, I opened my eyes and I saw a black shadowy figure sitting on our sofa but this shadowy figure was different; he was tall but not thin. Looked more like a human!!! Male!!! I woke my husband and I told him that someone is sitting in our sofa but he said nobody is there but I COULD SEE HIM!!! He was looking at us!!! I couldn’t sleep the whole night and waited till morning to close my eyes.

Those figures never hurt me but they are sure very scary.