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Subject: House in East Texas

Hi - I'd like to share my story. I give permission to post story on-line but please do not post name or email address.

In 1999 I lived in a small rental house in a rural section of East Texas. I moved in in September of that year. Starting immediately after I moved in I would detect a black form walking through my front yard. Never saw any details other than something gave me the impression it was a man approx. a little taller than myself and I'm 5'8".

In this house you could stand in the kitchen which was at the back of the house and have a clear shot through the dining room and see out through the front windows of the living room. On more than one occasion I thought it was someone walking in my yard - I would always walk to the window and there would never be anyone there.

One day while standing at the kitchen counter making lunch - I was by myself that day - broad daylight - beautiful day outside - it felt as if someone had run up behind me as if to scare me. The hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up I immediately whirled around to fully expect to see someone standing there - of course, no one was there.

Another very weird thing would happen in the house - i would hear what sounded like muffled conversations between a man and a woman. It would always be in the bedroom and always in the evening when the house became really quiet. Usually it would start when I was lying in bed. One evening my dog was laying on the bed beside me - the second the voices started he barked because he had heard them also. One weekend my two daughters had stayed up late one evening to watch TV in the living room - I went on to bed. I woke up around 11:30 to hear the TV on in the living room. A litter perturbed they would go to bed a leave the TV set on I walked out in the living room and guess what? the TV was not on. And both girls were in bed sound asleep!

I had never mentioned anything to my daughters about the shadow form as I did not want to scare them. One day my youngest daughter came in the house grumbling that her older sister was trying to play a prank on her by hiding behind the corner of the house. I told her no that her older sister had been in the house with me the whole time. My youngest daughter said she had seen a shadow around the corner of the house. The fact that she used the term shadow without prior knowledge of my experiences kind of freaked me out.

I lost a couple of pieces of jewelry - looking for where I had left them in my jewelry box couldn't find them anywhere - only to check the jewelry box the next day or so and the pieces would be there. One time I could not find an ankle bracelet. I found it later laying in a pair of old dirty tennis shoes I used for jogging and yard work in the bottom of my closet. Later on when I did tell my daughters about what was going on - my oldest daughter said: "Well mom, it makes sense - where else would you (meaning they - whoever they was) leave an ankle bracket - but in a shoe?" Well, made sense to me.

Because of things that were happening in my life at the time - I only lived in the house for about 6 mos and moved out. About 9 mos after I moved out and moved away from the area my daughters told me that the owner had sold the house. Someone came along and literally cut the house in half and moved it off on trailers.

I live out of state now and to this day when I'm visiting the area sometimes I have to drive by the empty lot and my daughters will saying something jokingly like: "There is the house where mom had the weird experiences and now the house is gone too!"

I read some other stories on this site about people hearing voices coming through a fan - I've experienced that. Also my boyfriend - the sound of keys jangling, etc. I've even heard it through a window AC unit.

My mom who is now in her 80's told me back in the day when she was a young girl she heard stories about bed springs picking up radio broadcasts.