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I've recently started looking into the shadow people. I was talking to someone online about my experiences and learned about them through her. I am amazed to find such a great number of people experiencing common stories. I will give a brief account of some of my stories. There are many and not all relate to shadow people.

Around the age of 14, I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling. A black blob appeared on the ceiling. It came out of the wall and slip across the ceiling and disappeared into the opposing wall. I would describe it as an ink blot about 3' across. This event reoccurred for about one year. Though startled at first I was never scared and became used to it.

Then the shadow guy appeared. The first time I saw it I was again laying in bed and it rose at the foot of my bed until its head was just below the ceiling. It was darker than the dark and had wide shoulders. No other features were visible, only the form which was pure emptiness. It looked at me for at least a few minutes. I was very startled, more so than with the blob, but not extremely scared. The thing returned off and on until I was 19. During this time it had approached the side of my bed twice, moving in a slow fashion as if on roller skates; it floated as it moved. No sounds were ever heard. I often wanted to talk or try to grab it, but found that I could never move my body. It was as if I was paralyzed. I would just stare at it and think, "What are you? What are you doing here?" In a way, I thought it could read my thoughts, but it never responded. I think it could if it so chose.

My parents would tell me again and again that they swore they had seen me come home at night when I hadn't. They said they saw someone out of the corner of their eye walking down the hallway. They would hear my bedroom door open and close. Once or twice they got up to check and no one was in my room.

If you now fast-forward my life; I am about 26-27. I had been living with a friend of mine and his parents. I had never mentioned any of my experiences with him. One day he was acting a little weird and I learned he was worried about his parents. He told me that they kept asking him if we had come into the house, because they saw something walking down the hall toward his room. I found this strange, but remained quiet. It wasn't much later a few of us were going into his room and the first guy to enter the room jumped back through the door and got behind us in the hallway. We all looked at him confused. He said someone was in there, someone really tall and dark. I knew right away. Later after we went into the room, turned on the lights and everything settled down, we questioned him. He described the figure I had seen years earlier.

I have many more experiences to share and am very interested in collaboration information. One thing I find interesting is that I've met someone that has seen the shadow people gathering in what appears to be a central location. I too have seen these things doing this. I find it interesting that on this website, there is a story about what could be considered angels gathering or marching. Ummm, I'm not a Christian, I'm just a guy who sees some weird things and keeps an open mind, but does this sound like the final battle in preparation. Anyone have any input, I'd love to hear others thoughts.

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