From: Robert
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2017 1:58:42 AM
Subject: My "story"

Hi. I'm a high school student in California.

When I was very young, my family moved to an apartment. When we were first moving in, the daughter of the family that had previously lived there, told my mom that the apartment was haunted. I do not remember this, because I was only 3 years old but I am told that one night, I ran out of my bedroom. I ran down the stairs and to my parents with a frightened look on my face. I told them I wouldn't go back to my room because there was a black man crying on my bed. I had never met an African American person at that age, so there was no confusion when I told my parents. My parents dismissed it and later they told me about this story although I still don't remember it clearly.

But then when I was in 5th grade we moved into another house. I felt unsettled at this house for the whole time that I was living there. I often thought about the possibility of paranormal phenomena and one day at that house, the stereo turned on by itself.

Then we moved to my current house. This house has perhaps the most activity I have encountered. Sometimes, my little brother's toys will turn on by themselves. My father and I once saw a fan turn on by itself. I have had a series of dreams including what I can only describe as a “presence”. For a time, at the end of every dream the same thing would happen. There would be a high-pitched irritating noise, followed by a deep bellow and a black blob would appear in front of me. Then I would wake up. I once woke up to see that black blob in front of my face but it quickly disappeared.

Then I experienced sleep paralysis on two or three occasions. The first time, I saw flashing images of the interior of a cabin with a black blob in the doorway of the cabin. It was scary not being able to move. The second time, I was having a terrible dream about my house being haunted by a demon that had possessed my brother.

The sleep paralysis hasn't happened in a long time, and my dreams no longer end with the sounds. But things still turn on by themselves, and I still see black blobs in the corner of my eye sometimes. Just today, one of my brother's toys turned on when I was in the garage. Throughout all of these experiences, I haven't really done anything addressing the issues. I have talked to myself trying to calm down and I have thought about it a great deal. In the end, I always come to the conclusion that there is no sense in having fear of what I cannot hope to understand or control. I can't say that I know the intentions or the power of these beings, nor even that they exist. All I can say is that the dreams were very unpleasant.