From: name withheld by request
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2015 5:57:41 PM
Subject: My shadow experience

Hello to you all.

My story isn’t exciting by any measure, but it is most definitely true.

I live in Chandler, AZ. I’m a 64 year old woman. In an unusual way, a co-worker told me he lived in a haunted house. I finally found someone who might accept my experiences as true and help me to understand as well. Throughout my life, I’ve had many questions about my encounters and ‘knowings’, but couldn’t share for fear of being ridiculed.

As we talked, he was very candid and relaxed about his story. I felt compelled to share my most recent experience with a dark entity. He told me I had seen a "shadow person". I’d never heard of them. He then shared his own experiences with one.

However, please allow me to set the visual for my own personal experience.

It was 9 p.m. on a Friday night in November, 2014.

I was sitting at the desk in my kitchen. There is a long narrow window from the ceiling to the desk looking out into my locked courtyard. As you look out the window, you will immediately see the other side of my house (the entrance is like a square horseshoe) and a courtyard filled with shrubs and a large thorny tree to the left. There is a locked gate to the entrance. A 7 foot wall surrounds the courtyard. If one were to try to come into the courtyard, they would have to scale the wall, jump over the shrubs and possibly get shredded by the thorny tree.

I was working at my computer with a small table light on. For no reason I paused and looked up. In that very moment, as though perfectly choreographed, I made ‘eye contact’ with the darkest figure I’ve ever seen. It was leaning from the left frame of my window and peering in at me. It was darker than dark, to the point that it made the night darkness seem like backdrop lighting for it. It looked like a smooth outline of a figure. No face, but I instinctively knew I was looking into it. It had no hands and I only saw it from the ‘waist’ up (Picture an outline drawing of a murder scene victim). At the moment I noticed it, it immediately twisted like a reverse tornado and went upward and angled to the left. It seemed to panic that I saw it.

In a nano second, as I saw it, I screamed, leaped out of my chair and ran to another area of the kitchen to hide where I couldn’t be seen from the outside. Terror is the only way to describe the sudden feeling of being unsafe.

I was shaking horribly and couldn’t get to my cell phone because I left it in the living room. The entrance door from the courtyard to the living room has a full length glass door. This is just around the corner from the kitchen. I was afraid IT, whatever IT was, would see me clearly. Just then my son came home and through the kitchen. I told him what had happened.

I had not heard footsteps running through the courtyard to escape when being discovered. I saw nothing jump the wall, it definitely went upward and away. My son and I went outside to investigate, only to find no signs of entrance or disturbance. We covered the Arcadia doors and the desk window with sheets and the next morning, Saturday, we purchased coverings for any doors and windows that had been left vulnerable.

Since then I have often wondered why it wasn’t inside of my house and had stayed outside. It would certainly have the power to come in. I couldn’t imagine its purpose for watching me. Was it evil? Was it a protector? Should I assume I was blessed to see it and to know that I am being watched over? Is there a reason for it being dark and not light as one would imagine an angel or guide to be? Perhaps it needs to earn its lightness. I guess I will never know. I do however, keep my windows covered when I’m alone. I also sage my home occasionally, use sea salt and sound cleansing for any negativity trying to come my way.

I am so grateful for my newfound knowledge of shadow people, and for your site.

God Bless You and keep you well!