From: Danielle Hunter
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Shadow Story.
Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 5:14:25 AM

Ever since I was little I have been able to see and feel the presents of spirits. Ever since I was just a young child I always had these nightmares about black figures coming toward me. I would wake in shock almost three times a month from seeing these things. At that age I don't recall ever seeing them except in my dreams. But by the time I was about five my mom woke up one night with me in her room staring at the wall. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I saw grandma. I somehow knew all this stuff about my grandma who died before I lived. My mom never spoke about her because she was so abusive while she lived, so my mom was terrified that I could see her and she could not.

We later moved, when I started school, into a house that we built on land that use to be a cornfield. By the marks on the trees we knew that there was a fire that burned the whole field down. I started first seeing black figures after I shortly moved in about once a month. They would run across the hall and into our laundry room. I would go look in the room to tell my dad to knock it off and he was never in there. I figured it was just a figment of my imagination and ignored it.

By the time I was 14, I had lost a lot of my faith in God and decided I didn't want to live without him. So I started reading the bible and becoming really close to God. After I started worshiping him I start to see the black figures a lot. I would see them staring at me and running past me. But by the time I would blink they would be gone. I then knew something wasn't right. I started getting into paranormal studies when I found out my girlfriend had encounters with them too. By that time I would feel taps on my shoulder with no one in sight and the lights would turn on when they weren't plugged in.

I constantly kept seeing a man and child about once a week the entire summer. I was going through a terrible time in my life and then they started becoming more noticeable. Every time I saw them they showed up more clear. Earlier that year my cat had died in my arms at the house. It wasn't until 6 months later when I started seeing her walk down the hall like she use to. I could feel her at night jump onto my bed and walk up my legs just like old times.

Next, one quiet night I was sitting on the computer and turned my head and saw a white mist. I figured that it would be gone by the time I blinked. So I did and it was still there amazingly. I got up and walked over by it to see if it was a reflection from the window and it wasn't. I then started to feel comfortable around it and safe. It was almost as if it was watching over me. But then another ability developed more.

I had always been able to predict things and know what was gonna happen before it did. By the time the shadows became more noticeable, I started to know things all the time before they happened. I would just get random feelings of me having to do something and every time it lead up to something that needed help or that was related to my feeling.

The very last thing though that has been happening is: I can feel spirit’s presence and know what they are feeling. My great granddaddy just passed away a few months ago and instantly, when I walk to the wake, I could feel him there. I knew what he was feeling. I knew he was happy that he was done with the suffering and that he was happy that we all came to see him. He especially was excited when my uncle showed up, who took care of him during his last years here on earth. After everyone said goodbye, he left. I could no longer feel him there and I knew he crossed over.

So I have grown up with these shadows and people I love are affected by them every day. My girlfriend has multiple ones who fly around her and that just stare at her for hours straight. We both feel unsafe around them and uncomfortable. I've also seen weird animal in my house that just randomly appear. A lot of times this stuff happens when people are over who talk about the supernatural. But I'm the only one who sees them show up. I am curious about these shadows and would love to learn more about them.