From: Matthew
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 8:54:31 PM
Subject: My Shadow Watchers


The first time I really ever started to make note of the shadowy figures, I was around 15 years old. At that time, it had always been through my peripheral. I actually have very bad vision, and without my glasses I can't see much of anything other than blur. I'm legally blind. So, I would always dismiss it as just mishaps. However, as this continued for years quite commonly, and typically only in dark places, I started trying to "notice" them more. Though, any time I would try and look at them, they'd already be gone before I could even pinpoint their direct location. Even if it were a mere two feet from me. Despite popular opinion, I've never felt threatened by them. It seems to be the other way around, actually. You look at them, they make no hesitation to scurry out of there to remain unseen.

They've always remained the same figure, almost as if they duplicated themselves. Even when they would have 'company' over, it would typically be the same height, same silhouette figure. I'm a tall guy, 6'2", and they were always a bit shorter than me, I'm guessing approximately around 5'10". I've never seen them below the waist, they seem to loom out of objects to stare. I've never seen their arms either, they seem to always keep them to their sides. Just their faceless head... in my direction. Always staring. Though, I wasn't completely aware of this until they started to visit me at my home. Which, I forgot to mention, never happened before. Any time I would notice them, it would be in a public place. Just in a dark area.

It wasn't until just recently, about a year ago, have they started getting more personal with me. You'll know what I mean once I explain our odd relationship with one another, but I'll need to first explain how we got to these terms. One day, I was laying on my bed in my apartment. Unlike virtually everyone, I've never "felt" some sort of presence before me when they're there. So, when I looked up, to my surprise I saw one in my closet. Though, I only looked up to crack my neck and looked back down quite rapidly. It was one of those "take a second look real fast" type of deals. However, when I looked back up, it was gone just as spontaneously as it appeared. Ever since I acknowledged their presence, years ago, I had always been extremely curious with them. So, I would try to speak with them. Perhaps win over their good graces?

Unfortunately for me, I have siblings. And we shared that apartment together. So, I would have to whisper. Ever since the first visitation night in my apartment, they started showing up more. I let this go on for a good week or so before I started trying to communicate, and I would get visited every single night. I still do. Though, ever since then, any time I noticed them - they would leave, of course. After they left, I would simply whisper, "don't go". Six consistent days of this before I added "I'm curious" at the end of my verbal acknowledgement. "Don't go, I'm curious", for the next four days before they started lingering.

When the lingering occurred, I would look up and see them. They wouldn't leave before I could directly stare, this shadow was actually letting me look directly onto it. I smiled at it, and we continued staring at each other without moving for at least 5 minutes straight. Though, when I averted my eyes and looked back, it was gone. I still have yet to see how they appear, or disappear. It's as if one second they're there, the next they're not. Either way, since that very romantic relationship of mutual-staring sparked between us, I still receive nightly visitations. All we do is stare at each other. Well, I try to talk to it of course. I never receive a reply. Though, it will show up randomly, and no longer seems to be frightened of me anymore. It will appear and stare at me, I'll look over and stare back, attempting to communicate. I don't talk to it about anything special, I really just talk to it about virtually anything. How my day has gone, what sort of special events happened, and sometimes I just vent to it. Anything that's got me bugged, I just let it off my chest when my shadow is around. They're great listeners. I think my shadow genuinely cares about what I have to say. That is, if it can even understand English. I like to think they're capable of universal understanding though. But, like I said, I can't feel anything regarding them.

I think my shadow has friends, because it used to be a "lone-wolf" I suppose. However, after it got more comfortable with me, there have been more shadows than ever, and I receive visitations quite regularly. I enjoy it a lot, actually. I like to think of my shadow(s) as adopted family. Just the creepy family that watches me while I sleep. Every night.