From: Jesica
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 2:42:40 PM
Subject: My Shadow people story

After getting off work last night, I tuned into a radio show known for talking about ghosts and aliens. I've listened many times before but never heard a story be told like mine. I had never forgotten what I had seen 14 years ago and can remember it like yesterday. As I drove home, the radio host introduces the nights show as "Shadow People". That was all I needed to hear to know this was the only way to describe what I had seen and felt, a shadow person.

When I was 16 years old, I stayed the night at a school friend’s home. I quickly realized her home life was not a happy or normal one. Her trailer was outside of town and had been noticeably neglected for a long while. Inside was unusually quiet and filled with garbage and many, many water jugs. No buzzing noise from appliances because of no electricity or running water, which is what made the home more quiet then I have ever known one to be. Her mother was a drug addict and hadn't left her bed or room for a long period of time. Her father was out of the picture, leaving my friend to take care of her mother and the trailer. As she was apologizing for the surroundings. I reassured her I wasn't to alarmed. My father was also a drug addict; later we find out he was her mom's dealer.

We left shortly before the sun went down that night, then returned very late with flashlights in hand. She showed me to the guest room and left a flashlight with me in case I needed to use the restroom outside in the dark. As I slept in pure darkness and complete silence, a very uncomfortable feeling of someone watching me sleep, woke me up. I opened my eyes and through all the darkness, I could see an even darker shadow figure standing next to my bed, looking down. I assume it was male because of the size. Must have been 6 feet tall with large shoulders. No eyes or clothing, just a blacker than black shape.

At first, I strained my eyes trying to see what, or who, was standing there. Then it moved and I could see it's shoulders rising up and down like it was breathing heavily. I couldn't hear the breaths being taken or any other noise at all. It felt like we stared at one another for 10 minutes but in reality it was much less. I was terrified and froze with fear. All I could think to do was close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. Even though my eyes were shut, I knew it was still there. Hard to explain but I could feel it slowly moving in on me. I kept daring myself to open my eyes to look one more time, then all of the sudden, this shadow stuck it's cold finger in my ear! Sounds silly but it's true. I felt an extremely cold, what I'm guessing was a finger, directly into my ear. I quickly swatted at my ear but nothing was there. Then I threw the covers over my head and once again played like I was sleeping. I gripped the covers as tight as possible because not in a million years did I ever think something like this could, or would, ever be able to physically touch me. I could just imagine it now ripping the bedding off. Luckily, that never happened but after about an hour of trying to convince my body to run, my legs finally agreed and I sped into my friend's room where I squeezed in between her and the wall but never slept.

The sun came up a few hours later and I woke my friend up to tell her what happened. Her response was, "I've seen him before but he's never touched me". That was the last time I stayed in her home after dark and the last time I've ever seen anything like that again.

I had always thought it was a ghost but knew something was different about it. Now I'm sure it was a Shadow Person.

Feel free to share my story about the "wet willie shadow man" if you like. I will admit it is more humorous then I originally thought as a kid.