name withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: June 29, 2017 at 4:23 PM
Subject: Shadow person story submit


I was at your website researching shadow people, as my family has experienced them personally. I do not know if you are still accepting stories, but I thought I would submit ours anyway. You have permission to upload my story.

We had just purchased our first home, which was located in a suburban residential area. This area was a large citrus farm at one time. We began a three to four-month renovation, during which time we did not live in the house. During the renovation, hired construction workers would comment to us that they did not like being alone at our house, as they would “see things” out of the corners of their eyes all the time.

Once we moved in and had been living there about six months, our 6-year-old started saying there was a “man in the backyard”. He described this man as just a black shape of a tall man with no features. Other times he would say he saw this figure walk by his open bedroom door down the hallway. Although it was not threatening or anything, it would just “be there”. There were several other times when he would have a friend over playing in the backyard, and they would run into the house yelling that there was a dark shaped man in the backyard. I would go look to see if anything was out there, but there was never anything there. I thought maybe it was just their imaginations, even though there was a small part of me that wondered because I knew children seem to be more open somehow to these types of things, and also keeping in mind that adults working on our home had mentioned weird sightings as well.

Several months later, I was getting something from behind our garage which is detached and set back from the house. As I came around the corner of the garage, I saw the shape of a dark silhouette of a very tall man standing there on the walkway next to the garage. He was all black with no features and looked simply like a shadow you would see on the ground. He did not move, but just stood there. It was literally a split-second and then he was simply gone. I don’t know if I blinked and then he was gone or if he just vanished. I could not believe I had just witnessed this figure that our child and his friends had been talking about for so long. I was shocked more than anything else but also “creeped out”. Although it did nothing threatening towards me, I still felt like this was not a good thing. I did not feel like it was some kind of being there to protect us. It felt like it should not be there. I also wondered if maybe the construction we had done on our home had somehow brought about this being. I have heard that construction disrupts spirits, but somehow this did not seem like a spirit because it was so big and so black.

I did plead the blood of Jesus all over our house and yard and commanded Satan, demons, or spirits to leave immediately in the name of Jesus. I placed a cross with the John 3:16 Bible verse on the wall in our hallway, and also song praise songs throughout the house. No one in my family has seen or mentioned seeing any shadow figures since, and it has been many, many years. The house is peaceful.

Thanks for listening to my story.