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I'm a 28-year-old male from Georgia. Ever since I was about 12 I've had experiences with "shadow people".

It started as sleep paralysis where I would see dark figures. This would happen 3-4 times a week. It wasn't necessarily threatening but still a scary experience. It went on for 3 years then suddenly stopped when I was 15. It started again when I was 19, mostly again sleep paralysis with a dark figure I presumed was male. He was always in my doorway to the bedroom.

At 21 I had it happen a lot. This time he would be at my doorway side of my bed, or bookcase. It still never felt threatening just frightening remembering after the fact. I never talked about this with any of my friends until one day my roommate had a talk with me describing a tall dark figure standing in his doorway. His room was one over from mine on the second floor. I explained to him my experience and we both started sleeping on the couches in the living room for the next week, as funny as that sounds. During this week he only saw the figure once during his sleep paralysis, I didn't see him at all.

A few strange things did happen though. Two nights in a row all of the cupboards in the kitchen were open when we went to make food in the morning. The second night we actually both woke up to hearing the fridge door opening and the bottles rattling with it. Again all of the cabinets were open too. This really shook us up compared to the other occurrences. The next few weeks were pretty uneventful, both of us sleeping in our own rooms. We both felt crazy but took comfort in knowing we had the same experiences. Soon after I met a girl and she would stay at my house a couple nights out of the week. One night she was tired so she went to lay down in my room while I finished a board game with my roommate. The next morning after we both woke up she told me shortly after falling asleep she kept waking up to someone nudging her. The first time she thought it was me so slept it off but the second time she rolled over but no one was there. Chills went down me but I didn't want to say anything seeing as I just recently met her and didn't want to seem crazy, so I told her she probably just had a bad dream. As far as I know no one else that came over ever had an experience but multiple people said the upstairs felt eerie as if someone was watching them, especially while walking past my room, hence why everyone used the downstairs bathroom instead of going upstairs.

For the next few years again everything was normal. I've been living in my new house for two years. This past year has definitely been the most active with these occurrences and frightening. I've had them 4-5 nights a week, some weeks even every day. It’s mostly sleep paralysis again with the tall dark male in my doorway, which still isn't too frightening but I've also seen a little girl sitting cross legged beside my bed shaking her head back and forth with her hair in her face. This happens once or twice a month. I'm not sure why but she terrifies me. It’s the same sleep paralysis effect. One night I even snapped out of it and sat straight up, she was still there, except now she wasn't shaking her head and was just looking at me. Her face was just a black silhouette. I instantly jumped out of bed, ran past her and turned my bedroom light on. I looked and she was gone.

My dreams are getting more interactive too. Sometimes I see a group of them in a circle, they're not talking but I have a sense that they are. It’s almost as if I'm the one looking in on them. They never notice me. I've also had the dream where I'm laying in bed with my girlfriend and I roll over to put my arm around her but she's now a black silhouette. I run out of my room but my door leads into my room again like an endless loop. After trying to run out three times my door closes, the figure is behind me, touches me, and I'm awake. The touch has a soothing feeling to it but the experience as a whole is terrifying. I've had this dream three times last week.

Lately I've been having the sleep paralysis a lot. 10 or more times a night. When I snap out of it though I feel so drained I fall asleep again in seconds, even when I try to fight it. The tall male shadow figure seems aware now that I'm able to see him. It’s not a tense situation but the atmosphere seems curious. It’s almost as if I sense what they feel or they can project it since I've never heard them speak.

Last night I had a dream where everything was so realistic it felt like I was awake, but at the same time I knew I was dreaming. I walked out of my house into my neighborhood and could roam freely. At one point I remember flying and seeing a shadow figure two houses down from me. At this point, I felt it instantly with no movement turn its head towards me and I was paralyzed. I woke up having the feeling of regret as if I'd done something wrong. As weird as it sounds, I dread going to sleep lately because of what has been happening. If anyone has had a similar experience or feels they know what is going on, please send me an email. Thanks for reading.