From: email withheld upon request
Subject: grey mist "Rob"
Date: Monday, December 08, 2008 4:07:47 AM

Hi. First off, I'd like to give you permission to post my story. Tonight I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker regarding supernatural events and strange shadows. I thought I'd have a look on the web, and as luck would have it, happened upon your site. I'd like to share the same story with you.

In mid August of 1999, my ex-husband's brother, 'Rob',(name changed for certain reasons) went missing. Our red flags went up since this was completely out of Rob's was his birthday, and he expected a celebration and you weren't allowed to forget. After two days of unanswered phone calls and pounding on Rob's door, my then husband and I concurred that we should file a missing persons report.

The next night, my ex and I decided to escape the summer night heat by cranking up our A/C and sleeping in on our pull out sofa. We turned out the lights, flicked on the t.v and racked our brains about why his brother had disappeared. We thought that he was pulling a stunt, or maybe he was ticked off at the family and decided to celebrate his birthday by himself. As we were talking, I noticed a strange grey mist that seemed to be hanging in place above us, a few inches below the ceiling. I thought to myself...bizarre...that's a weird shadow. But as I looked at it more intently, I noticed it had some depth to it and about three feet of length. Figuring my ex would think I was nuts, I didn't say anything. I was growing more scared by the minute to the point where I had to look away from it. But out of curiosity, I had to keep peeking at it, and everytime I did, a new facial feature would begin to form. I could make out two eyes, but they looked more like holes, or empty sockets and the face was very contorted, very confused.

This thing hung over our heads for roughly ten minutes, and at minute ten and half-a-second, I bolted off the sofa and dove for the lightswitch on the wall. At the same moment, I turned around and saw my ex standing right behind me, looking like a deer caught in headlights. Between gasps he said, "You saw that too didn't you!" I turned and looked at where the misty blob had been, and it was gone. Just to make sure, I turned the lights out again, but the spot where it had been was empty. We spent about an hour afterwards trying to 'play it off' as our imagination, even unsuccessfully going as far as trying to 're-create' the shadow.

Two days later we got a visit from the Police. They had found Rob's body. He had drowned in a lake close to his home.

I'm not sure what 'shadow people' are, but as I've been reading the shadow people stories, I notice that the shadows differ from each other. Either deep, black shadows, or grey misty type shadows. Maybe they are varying degrees of shadows?

I have an opinion, but it may seem a bit 'out there.' The Rob that we knew had a lot of inner demons...and I use the term loosely. Is it possible that these 'shadows' are negative energies that leave the body after death? Once leaving the body...prowling about looking for new prey, hanging about sending their negative vibes to other people? Or just looking to join the party with all their other negative energy buddies we keep inside? Maybe the darker the entity...the stronger the negative energy? A grey mist representing the energy of addiction and the deep black representing pure hatred energy, for example? As I think about is what we are made up of. A kind word can touch us and make us feel good. A nasty word can make us cry. We can walk into a room and literally 'cut the tension' with a knife. We can release energy, or let it build up.

Maybe the key to dealing with a shadow person, is to counteract it with a kind word, or positive energy? Something that it 'just is' and always was from the start of time? Who knows. Something to ponder maybe.

Robbie Nelson
Ontario, Canada