From: Name Withheld By Request
Subject: Bridge Shadowman
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 11:37:01 -0800

I've never seen a "shadow person" before this, and it was intriguing to say the least!

I was on a walk with my sister's dog, walking along old railroad tracks that pass through part of a beautiful golf course. The path is mostly smooth with just remnants of the old wood railroad ties. It was a bright, sunny and clear afternoon in October (this past month).

On the path, there are two overpasses (bridges) you have to pass under. As I approached the first one, I felt some mixture of fear and sadness - but had no idea why - I just told myself to be alert and I did feel fairly safe (because my sister's dog is a strong pitbull, and it was a beautiful day). Not until the way back, as we were walking towards the same bridge and I was looking straight ahead when I saw a man dragging a bag or a sack - my eyes saw him clearly, but at the same instant my brain was telling me something is strange - he was solid black (no features, no colors) and super fast - he ran from the right side of the path to the left side, just underneath the bridge! I was about 20-30 feet away, and I saw this clearly. The reason I am so certain my eyes were not deceiving me was that I had seen two different people approaching me on the path, and they were at least 20-30 feet away. For example, the woman I saw approaching had blond hair with a red jacket, and two dogs with her. So the "black shadow man" was really just that - completely black, and dragging a bag. Only he did move extremely fast!

I walk fast, and it only took me a short time (2-3 minutes or less) to cover the 20-30 feet. As I was just about to pass under the bridge - and I was super alert (just in case this was an actual man - some wierdo or criminal, etc.), I looked to both sides and saw such thick bushes with thorny undergrowth that it didn't seem possible for a human to quickly hide himself - unless he could climb a flat cement bridge wall in under 2 minutes! The dog sniffed the ground but seemed as perplexed as me, and we just quickly moved on. I wanted to tell everyone of course, (and I am about 40 years old by the way), but my sisters and others were skeptical - they just feel it was something that could be explained, like an actual person. But, no actual person is ink black and just disappears into thin air! And if it was a person, there would have to be some noise - he was dragging a large bag of some kind!

Anyway, I immediately checked the internet and to my surprise and relief, there are several sites that discuss these "black shadow beings"! I have one simple theory: maybe they are souls in "purgatory" or in "limbo" and that is possibly why I felt this feeling of sadness & fear come over me, before I saw it. And, they don't want to be bothered or seen, which is why they move so fast. So I say, to each his own - as long as you don't bother me, I don't bother you!