From: Grant
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 4:24:48 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: 2 experiences

My name is Grant, and I've had two experiences with Shadow people. Once when I was very young, about 8 or 9, and the second time not so long ago when I was going through the year 12 HSC exam periods.

My first experience scared me alot, and it happened most nights too. I would be asleep in bed and then I would suddenly wake up. I would feel very uncomfortable and unsafe, and as usual I would look into the living room, (I had no door on my room, and my bed was positioned so I could see through the doorway into the living room which was adjacent to my room), and I would see several black shadows of people dancing around the room or moving objects around. I could see them because light from a street light outside would come in through a window. They were very dark, and had the shape of a human. I could not see any features though, just their shape. No noses, or eyes, just the general shape of their body, and they all looked very similar to each other. This always scared me to death, and I would freeze up. I can't remember what happened after I would see them, it's too long ago I guess, or I've blocked it out a little, but I think I might have hid under my blanket until I fell asleep again or kept watching until my body forced me to sleep.

In the mornings, things would have been moved in the living room, the same things I would see them moving during the night. It really was a horrible experience. Eventually we moved and that was the end of that.

Until 2 years ago when I was in year 12. My mother was currently going out with someone who we later discovered was in the Brahma Kumaris cult, (Yeah, was a big suprise to us). Once mum found out about this, I began to wake up with nightmares, very bad nightmares. They were never the same, however, I could always feel when I was about to have them. My body would lock up and I would begin to be afraid. after the nightmare, I could feel something in my room. I would be able to feel where it was too, always in my doorway. I would never look, just freeze up with my eyes closed. I could also feel waves of pure malice and evil from it too, directed at me of course. I would sometimes flick the light on without looking, and then look. I would never see anything, probably because the light was on, but I would still feel it, just out of sight around the corner. To get back to sleep I would watch tv for awhile or something until it was gone.

This was happening for several months and with the exams closing in I needed something to help me sleep. I told mum about all this, and it turns out she had been having the same sort of thing, except she saw "The Hat Man", who seems to be reasonably well known. Mum said she dealt with it all by sleeping with my Great-Grandfather's cross next to her bed. She said it gave her strength. So she gave me the cross for the night.

That night I had the nightmare as usual, and I could feel myself freezing up as usual. However, this time I remembered I had the cross. I casually flipped on the light, looked towards where I feel it, and told it very rudely to leave. I turned off the light and went back to bed.

The next night things heated up a little, probably because I fought back a little the previous night. This time I was woken by tapping on my window next to my head. It startled me, (To this day I can't sleep without the blinds drawn on my window) especially as it was clearly a couple of fingers tapping on the glass. I knew this because I could easily hear the nail of the finger tapping. Again I turned on the light and told it not-so-nicely to leave, then went back to bed.

I wasn't disturbed nearly so much from then on. It helped even more after my mum got rid of the Brahma Kumaris boyfriend. I now never experience those horrible nightmares or nightime visits. My guess is that you need to be brave and be strong when visited by them, a very tough thing to do though. I also found that I was never woken on nights when I had my cat or dog sleeping in the room. I'm happy it has stopped now though, and I hope it never starts again.