Subject: shadow people
Date: 17 August 2001 02:55:35

I've had my share of ghost sightings including a couple of shadow people, one of which was probably before I had even heard of ghosts. As a small child, 3 or 4 years old, I slept with my parents just about every night. The street light out front illuminated the hallway visible from the bed. Being an only child, I would guess that I was more than willing to accept any playmate. For more nights than I can remember, [it has been thirty-five years] I would wake up and find my "friend" waiting for me in the hall. He appeared to be the shadow of a young boy, older than me at the time, and very clearly defined in the streetlight on the hallway wall. I would wave to him and he would wave back. Sometimes he would play with an unseen ball and on some occasions he would be accompanied by a shadow dog like himself. On the few times I woke my parents to see him, he would "slide" into the shadows in the corner. Of course, they thought I was dreaming or imagining things.

It was many years before I put two and two together and realized what I had seen. Ghosts were supposed to be white sheets like Casper right?

We moved out of that house by the time I was five, to what turned out to be an even more haunted house three blocks away. I'll try to send more stuff about that at a later date.

Much later on, I heard from an elderly woman neighbor that a boy had been killed by a car on that street years before but she didn't know just where or about the dog. I never felt any malevolence from him; he just seemed to be a lonely little boy. Aside from the way he would hide or disappear into the shadows, I'm not even sure he was aware of his condition.

The other shadows I encountered were a different breed altogether. I mentioned earlier that we moved to another haunted house. (You do get used to it I swear!) I lived there over twenty years and saw a lot of weird stuff and a lot of different ghosts, mostly benign and some almost family in a strange way. These guys (there were always three) never caused any problems but you could just tell they were bad news.

It was a two story house and they would start at the top and walk the stairs to the basement and disappear. Don't know where they came from or where they were going, they were always (happily) just passing through. The few times I saw them, they were like three black translucent sheets almost like smoke but more defined, not touching the floor. Sometimes you could see and hear them walking, sometimes not. More often, you could just hear them. It was actually worse when they appeared silently because they startled you more. I don't know if they were so much "evil" but they had sinister down good!

Please feel free to use any or all of this on your site. It might provide some insite to someone elses encounter.

Bud Hill

Subject: Re: shadow people
Date: 18 August 2001 10:22:07

Glad you enjoyed them. I've never written about those experiences before and I really enjoyed telling about them.

The three on the stairs would make the stairs and the floors creak as they passed over, almost like footsteps but sometimes you would see them but no sound at all or you would hear and feel them but not see them. The house was sort of like a cork screw; starting at the top, you had six stairs then a landing, then turn right down a longer flight to the living room, make another right, across the room make another right through an arched door into the dinning room, another right through the kitchen to the basement stairs five steps down to a landing (directly under the one upstairs) right turn on down to the basement. It took a couple of minutes and you could hear them all the way down from the basement. You can imagine what it was like being at the bottom of those stairs knowing there was nobody home but would have to pass them on the stairs to get to the back door at the landing. Happily they always disappeared at the bottom of the stairs.

I never figured out who they were. I wasn't about to stop them and ask but I was told once that the house was possibly some sort of gathering place or way station because of the way it was built. All I know is, that there were a lot of spirits there; some I saw quite often some only once or twice. If these guys were like conductors, they only went in one direction, down.

I haven't lived in that house since 1987 but I recently rode by and happened to meet the current owner outside doing yard work. I introduced myself and talked for a few minutes then told him I had a weird question for him. Before I could even ask it, he gave me a funny smile and said "yea they're still here." Turns out he was familiar with most of the ones I mentioned. I told him to tell them 'hello' for me.

Please attach my name and e-mail address and add this e-mail if you want. I really have enjoyed writing this down. I'll send some more stuff when I get a chance.

See ya then!!