From: Jenny
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Sent: Friday, October 7, 2016 4:02:52 AM
Subject: May 3, 2015 - May 4, 2015 My shadow people visitation

I traveled from Arizona to my home state of Illinois on May 2, 2015 to help my family during my grandma’s transition into her afterlife.

I arrived at my grandma's home on late Saturday and spent the evening with two other family members sleeping on the floor in one room while my grandma was trying to pass on to the afterlife in another. Hospice had been assisting her and she was no longer being given food or water. Her condition continued to weaken as over a week had passed since Hospice had made the decision to forgo any food or water for her even before I had got there to say goodbye. I arrived to say goodbye and wasn't sure I had arrived in time to do so.

Sunday after the strain of more comings and goings by other relatives, other relatives went home instead of spending the night. My aunt decided it would be better to try to get some rest in my grandmother's room since it was now just her and me and two fit in a bed you see. Knowing my aunt needed her rest, I decided it was ok. I did feel a little strange in deciding this as it was my grandmother's room.

My grandmother, lying in a Hospice bed in the front living room, was only being administered morphine and one other drug that I don't recall the name of. There was a baby monitor in the room with her so family could watch over her, hear her, and monitor her. My aunt had the monitor for viewing on the nightstand by my grandma's bed that we were in.

On the way to my grandma's room to go to bed, I passed my uncle in the hallway. My uncle told me I would have the most wonderful dreams that night sleeping in her bed. My uncle told me that he had been sleeping in her bedroom and it was very peaceful and magical. In the back of my mind I had dismissed this all as crazy talk. A lot of family members had been fixated on watching that baby monitor video and had reported to me they saw orbs and my father even said he saw what looked like a grim reaper shadow. All these reports I heard, I dismissed as I really felt like all my family members were grasping at straws and seeing what they wanted to see.

I was a huge skeptic. I had never been nor considered myself to be clairvoyant in anyway. I had never had any such experiences. I had no proof of any such afterlife. I was raised Catholic but I had huge doubts on everything. For the most part my decision to sleep in my grandma's bed that night was ok in the matter of safety but I did feel a bit strange out of the respect it was my grandma's room and not mine or my aunts.

My aunt needed a bed after tireless nights on hard floors and couch and it felt nice lying next to a family member in such hard times. I was not tired. I was running on a combination of adrenaline and a time change. Arizona runs a few hours earlier, thus, when it was midnight there in Illinois, it felt much earlier to me, thus another reason why I was wide awake and alert.

I remember laying in my grandmother's bed with my back to my aunt. I was lying in the bed looking out across the room as my aunt had her back to me and was facing a much closer wall on her side of the bed. My aunt was talking about the events that had occurred that Sunday with certain family members and all the other strange things that had happened throughout the day. I was listening intently to my aunt with my eyes wide open and staring straight ahead at a dresser of my grandma's. My aunt had her eyes closed, unbeknown to me, the entire time. The baby monitor acted like a night light and illuminated my grandma's bedroom and furniture to where I could make everything out as my aunt talked to me. I remember having a feeling of peace as my aunt laid in the same spot as my grandma had many years ago. To me it felt like my aunt was giving me a childhood sleepover all over again. I felt at peace and happiness came over me in some strange way. I felt like I had so many years ago, spending the night in that room with my grandma. I wasn't scared in that moment and I had no reason to be. I had thoughts of my grandma on my heart and wanted her to stay with us. I love my grandma still with all my being. My grandma was about as Catholic as they come. Yet here I was in her bed with thoughts that done with life was just that.

My uncle had placed holy, blessed palm leaves in a drawer on the dresser that was pulled slightly open to prop up a Lord's Prayer that was in a big frame. The prayer was in dresser to help comfort my aunt. My grandma had religious crosses and religious statues throughout this bedroom. One should feel safe in such a room one would think. I was in a state of mind of alertness, peace, happiness, and I felt safe next to my aunt who was talking. As my aunt talked, I kept my eyes fixated across on my grandma's dresser because they just happened to be what was across the room as a focal point as I laid in bed.

All of a sudden, I noticed what seemed to be a dark shadow slowly begin to take shape directly in front of that dresser. It seemed to stand in front of dresser just gathering its energy as it kept getting denser in appearance and shape. I would describe it as a shadow man, yet this is more of a 3-D shadow; its much darker and denser in shape then a human shadow, which is lighter and flatter because it is two-dimensional. This shadow man, to me, seemed tall and lean in appearance. He had a normal head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs. I didn't notice any fingers or feet. It was the shape of a silhouette of a man but no feet, fingers, eyes, ears, nose. There was no hat.

The shadow man seemed to stand still as it gathered its density and came into our realm. I stared at the shadow man in shock and in disbelief. I could not believe my eyes! I remember questioning myself rapidly in my mind all sorts of questions: "Is this real? What is that? Is this really happening? Who could it be? Why? Why am I seeing it? What does this want? Is it really there? What's it doing? It can't be real! I'm not clairvoyant so why am I seeing this? I've never seen this before so why now?"…as fast as my brain could fire away as I stared in shock.

I noticed it stood still as if gathering itself and with each second it seemed to take more shape and grow denser, thicker, and darker in appearance. Then to my shock it slowly started to move, as if to walk but I didn't notice feet. After what had to of been just a few steps, the shadow person seemed to run in the direction towards the end of the bed. It did not run at me but rather in a direction away from me and towards the foot end of the bed. I stared in shock thinking "These things run?". I remember the way it ran it reminded me of a happy kid being released at school to go to recess. There seemed to be a quick, anticipated feeling. I remember the way the arms shuffled back and forth when running. It ran fast and increased speed. As soon as it reached close enough toward the bed it seemed to swoop up into the air out of my sight.

I immediately asked my aunt if she had seen the shadow figure. To my dismay and sadness, she had said "No," as she chuckled a bit and laughed as I could tell she didn't really believe me after I described what I saw and what had happened. I asked her how she didn't see it because it had swooped up over the bed as if to fly over it or something as if to check her out because she had been talking. My aunt said; "I couldn't see anything." I said; "Why?"

My aunt replied; "I had my eyes closed the entire time." I replied, "Oh I had my eyes open the entire time because I am wide awake and was enjoying listening to you."

My aunt continued talking as she lay there with her back to me like she had been all along. I continued to listen to her and started staring at that same dresser again. I remember having a few minutes to think thoughts like: Oh it was just once so it was probably nothing so, by morning, I will tell myself it was just some random dream or something that really couldn't have been real. I was trying to rationalize what had happened in my mind and make everything ok and go back to normal, you see.

To me, what happened just doesn't happen to me and never happened before so why should it happen in that moment? I'm a skeptic…doing my best in that moment to rationalize the impossible because that's what us skeptics do. That's when I noticed the dark shadow man appear smack dab in front of that same dresser again in that very spot. I saw it and this time I looked at it, not so much with shock and disbelief but rather with intensity. I couldn't take my eyes off it because I was in shock that it was happening a second time and right away after the first time… after I had told myself ‘it just wasn't real’. I remember thinking things like: what are you, what do you want, who are you, why, what are you doing here, I've never seen you in this house before in all my years...etc.

It stood, still taking shape and density again. It seemed to stand still in front of dresser for minutes on end but I know in my mind it probably felt longer then what it truly was. This time it moved so very slowly. This time I didn't notice it move by taking steps but, the best way to describe it, is a slow gravitational pull towards the center of that room. It seemed to be staring at me as I was staring at it. It was slowly moving towards me. I clearly remember thinking rapidly, "It's looking at me, looking at it, knowing I'm looking at it and wants me to know, it knows that I know it is here!"

Oh… it was coming toward me in the creepiest way and all I could think in that moment was, "The boogeyman is real! All my entire life my parents and other adults have all lied to me and told me there was nothing to be afraid of but there is! There is something to be very afraid of because the boogeyman is very real and they do exist!"

This thought was so rapid and the feeling this thing gave me was so intense, I screamed bloody murder as I didn't know why it was headed towards me. I was sorry I saw it and felt like I had violated it in some way by looking at it. The way that shadow man seemed so focused on me and coming at me so intently like that made me scream. I didn't want to find out what it could do if it got near me so I screamed. I jumped out of bed and ran for the bedroom door like there was no tomorrow! I scared the crap out of my aunt with my scream because my scream was blood curdling and she got out of bed and turned the light on. I was in the hallway in a huddled mess on the floor as I realized it was all real and I had been lied to my entire life about the boogeyman. My uncle came out of his room to see what was the matter and I told both my aunt and uncle I was not going back into that room.

I clearly remember that the shadow man seemed to poof into a cloud of darkness that seemed to dissipate, sort of reminding me of smoke in density somehow. I didn't run through the shadow man as I ran away from it but I think my abruptness and scream jolted it into doing that.

I slept on the floor next to my aunt in the front room while my uncle slept on couch. It took me awhile to fall asleep as I was frightened. I hid my head under the covers and didn't want to see anymore shadow beings in that house. I didn't want to see anything!

The next night (Monday night) I had my uncle take me to my sister-in-law's house because I didn't feel safe sleeping in my grandma's house after that.

That Monday night I was still scared to go to sleep even though I was not in that house. I knew that it knew that I knew it existed you see. I know the boogeyman doesn't need a car and a house key to find me. I don't know if that was a relative trying to help my grandma pass away, the grim reaper, or my grandma since she was basically comatose and all her organs had flushed out that Sunday night. My grandma passed away two and a half days later as it was a Wednesday afternoon on May 6, 2015.

I haven't seen the shadow figure since but it has led me to not only believe in the fact that the boogeyman can be real and I have been lied to my entire life by adults telling us kids "The boogeyman isn't real, there is anything in the closet nor under the bed," but also there is some sort of afterlife. There has to be some sort of afterlife if there are presences in the shape of that of a shadow of a man. How could there not be?! To this day I still have a lot of unanswered questions as to what that shadow man was all about and if it could of been the grim reaper but what I do know is the second time I saw it it gave me a feeling of such dread and fright just by the way it was coming for me and intently focusing its energy on me and all I could think was "It's not my time yet! I'm healthy as an ox and you got the wrong person even if I see you. Sorry I'm not grandma even though I'm in her bed!"

That has been my only shadow encounter so far to this day. I still have a lot of unanswered questions but if there are others out there who have shared the same experience especially when a very close loved one is trying to pass please let me know as I can't be the only one. I have since had a much deeper faith in God and the afterlife. I find my interests are much different now. I find that nonfiction is better than fiction and I'm more interested in reading NDE books because I want more answers about the afterlife. I am no longer a skeptic and I believe in the boogeyman, shadow people, grim reaper, and that we all have a soul that does go on after we die.

I hope my experience can help others like me and together may we have more answered because finding out the boogeyman is real only left me with more questions then answers.

My experience changed me.
~Jenny the believer