From: Herman
Sent: Subject: HP's shadow people story

Hi, I attach a PDF of my story. I found your web site by accident, and I find very interesting other people have gone through similar stories. Thanks for creating this site and I hope my story helps.

Notice: please consider English is not my born language, so please excuse my grammar and spelling. I did the best I could.

My first encounter was when I used to go mountain biking with my cousin. I was about 16 years old. We used to go mountain biking on Sunday mornings around 8-9 am.

Location description and history:

The mountain is located in San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, Mexico. Due the town’s historical events, old tales and local people’s stories, the “Black Charro” is a black person (not skin color but shadow person) who rides a horse and appears to people, usually men. He promises richness and power in exchange of something; it could be the death of a relative or a family tragedy instead, in exchange of one’s soul. Some say the Black Charro is the devil, others say is just a tale. Some tell say their grandpas have seen him. This mountain in the Spanish-Mexican conquer was a route through towns, the route is known as coins Brook or gully. That is the place where appears have been reported by people.

Back to the story:

We rode up a mountain to a place where there was a small rock wall and the sight of the city is very nice. We decided to leave the two bikes on top of the wall and walk to an empty dry yellowish grass field just below the wall; about 20-30 feet in height. We were sitting there for a while when I had the feeling someone was looking at us. In my peripheral right vision, I noticed a man standing next to the bicycles. He had his arms crossed in a threatening position and I had the sensation he was laughing at me in a hostile way. When I fully turned towards the bikes, he disappeared. I looked for a minute to double check my vision and looked around; there was nobody.

Before walking down the rock wall, my cousin asked me: “If the devil appears to you at this moment, what would you ask him as a wish?” I took this question as a joke and did not answer. He was kind of serious about it. Anyways, I knew he was a crazy (in a nice way) guy and did things spontaneously. He told me: “Lets burn this dry grass, we will go up for our bikes as fast as we can and ride downhill like hell. Trying to be bad and impulsive by the foolish and stupid things you do as a kid, I felt it was a cool idea and a way to prove who was faster in downhill; challenge I could not resist. I agreed and he pulled out his lighter and started the fire. We ran to the bikes and rode downhill as fast as we could go.

Down the mountain he confessed me the following: “Do you know why I dared you to do this? And I said: “No”. He tells me: “When we were staring at the city by the rock wall, I saw a person next to the bikes and he was trying to do something bad to us” I was shocked and told him that I saw him too. We both directed to our houses without saying a word. I could tell he was also scared. Years later I found out he believed and worshiped the devil in a way that could have attracted negative means to that particular moment. My cousin was 2 years older than me. He died of cancer after two years of that event at the age of 20 almost 21.

I have had strange experiences in that hill before, noises and wind-blowing noise without wind, dead dogs, strong smells and the sensation I’m always observed. But I’ve never seen anything until that day. By the way there are some ancient pyramids in this location, and some crimes have been committed due to the loneliness of the place. Nowadays that place is frequently visited by sports people, usually on the weekends people go running, climbing, mountain biking, camping, not too much but some.

After some years when I was in college, me and my sister used to live in a city about 25 miles from there. But my sister was rarely at the house. I was in my early 20’s. My girlfriend and I used to spend time together. One day she visited, it was nice sunny warm day. We did as usual, watched a movie, eat, etc. We were kind of tired and decided to rest for a while.

We were on my bed and fell sleep. I had an experience where I was dreaming but conscious, I was sleeping and wanted to wake up. I couldn’t move or talk. I felt my body too tired and I was getting frustrated for not waking up. I even noticed my girlfriend sleeping next to me but could not do anything. At this moment of frustration, I saw the same shadow person I saw years ago with my cousin. Close to the door, like 3 ft. from the bed, same threatening position, crossed arms and the laugh. This time it was like: “I’m following you, and I’ll do something to you at any moment” in that moment where I felt I couldn’t wake up and move, I became upset and very angry, I decided to confront hm. I knew I was moving but my movements where slow and lame. I felt more anger and in this semi-conscious state, I yelled at him: “What do you want? Don’t you dare to threaten me or come closer to me again or to anyone close to me?” The more I yelled at him, the more he was laughing in a scarier and louder way. I think I could hear his diabolic laugh in my dream-conscious state, but not sure. I finally fully woke up and jumped out of bed towards the door he was standing at, getting ready to punch anything. But there was no one there. When I was at the door, my girlfriend wakes up and asks me: “What were you dreaming? You were making strange noises.” I assume that was the moment I was supposedly yelling. And the she asks: “Did your sister come and looked into the room for us? I thought I saw her by the door staring at us. At that moment, I started to feel scared. She wasn’t because she did not know about my previous sight. I told her, let’s go out for a while and leaved the house.

It came up to my mind, years later, that both times I saw the same shadow person, I was with another person who saw him differently, but the shadow person was threatening to me. Like it wanted to be also seen by others close to me just to confirm to me it was not my imagination. After that time I have never seen anything or this black shadow person again. I have even visited the ill on my bike sometimes and nothing. Now my girlfriend and I have two kids. But sometimes I have the sensation I’m being observed. I’m scared this thing gets closer or even shows up to my family, especially the kids. I just forget about the topic not think about it when I have that feeling.