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My grandmother was living in Fairborn, Ohio about 20 years ago. I would always stay at my Grandmother's house on the weekend. I was young and my Grandmother never slept in her bed, always slept out on the couch and had her a bed made up on the couch. I would pull a mattress out of the back room and lay it in the living room and sleep in there with her. Well, on more than one occasion in the pitch black of night, I saw two small child-like shadows run under my grandmother's dining room table. I got scared and covered my head, but I got curious and peeked out. I could still see them. They looked as if they were hiding too and looking at me.

I had seen these shadow people on more than one occasion but never told anyone. This went on for about 2 years. Then one night I was camping out in the neighbor's yard. We set up a tent and all. It was 4 of us camping out. One of the kids went outside to take a pee. When he came back he wanted a flashlight; he said he thought he saw someone in my grandmother's backyard up in a tree. He shined the light up there and there was someone. It was a larger shadow person and he jumped out of the tree without the light ever hitting him and out ran the flashlight's beam all the way up the fence line and jumped the back fence. All of us were scared, wondering how fast a person had to be to out run a flashlight's beam.

I finally broke down and told my Grandmother what we saw. At first she blew it off, saying we was just kids and our minds were playing tricks on us. When I told her about the little shadow kids hiding under the dining room table at night, she paused. She then told me when she first moved into that house, her mother had stayed there because her mother was getting old and senile. She then said that her mother stayed in the back room and every morning she would complain about "those black boys going into her closet." My grandmother just blew that off, as her own mother was losing her mind, but the two shadow people I described to her, sounded like the two "black boys" her mother had described.

There were nights when I did stay in the back room and thought I seen something person-shaped crawling on the floor into the closet. There was also two times I seen something else.

One of the nights, I was looking at the shadow children under the table from the living room, a tall man walked across our field of vision. He didn't look at me or at them. He just walked slowly in between us and continued on into the kitchen, were I couldn't see him anymore. But, he scared the piss out of me. I could barely breathe and could barely move. He was tall and had a hat on. I then seen him again when I stayed in the back bedroom. He seemed to come out of my grandmother's bedroom and head toward the kitchen. And again, I knew what it was the second time, but I was still so scared I could barely move. Also, I could barely move ten minutes after he left. I was scared when I first seen the shadow kids, but when I seen "him", it was a different kind of scared.