From: Alena
Date: October 27, 2016 at 12:57:26 PM EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: My Experience

This all took place in the same house in Trumbull, CT.

I saw my first shadow person, I want to say, 1-2 years ago in my best friend's basement. Every time I spend the night over, which is a lot, we sleep in the basement which is pretty big with a huge L shaped couch, a pool table and glass sliding doors right next to it which leads to their huge backyard with the woods beyond the stone wall.

Well it was late at night and we were already passed out on the couch early and I suddenly woke up around 1:30 am and I heard a noise. At first, I thought nothing of it because she has a cat and a dog but I chose to scan around the room anyways. I started with the left side of the room because I was facing that way and I noticed we left the TV on, which was our only source of light. My friend was passed out and facing the couch, so I could not see her.

As I drifted my eyes, I noticed something near the edge of the pool table/ left side of the glass doors. My eyes adjusted as I put my glasses on and I saw a very tall, black figure standing there. I remember it very clearly, mostly because it scared the crap out of me, but it looked like a man's figure and very tall and slim. No eyes or any features, just black. It wasn't a very defined figure, though. The figure was black and it was definitely a body standing up but the edges of it were not defined like it would be if it was an actual person. It did not move or do anything, just stood there. I couldn't read any type of emotion. I now wish that I spent more time looking but I was so terrified and I never saw it leave, but I never saw it in the basement again.

Now fast forward to September 10th, 2016, which was my 2nd and last (so far?) encounter with a shadow person.

So that day I was at the same house and celebrating my friend's 21st birthday with her and some others. As the night went on and people started to leave/get tired, we went upstairs to her room to sleep there where it was cooler. She slept in her bed while I slept on the floor right next to the bed. Right across from her bed is the air conditioner and windows.

It went very similar to the first time, where we passed out and I woke up around 1:30-2:00 am.

I was sleeping on my right side, facing the bed, and looked up to see if my friend was still sleeping. When I put my glasses on, I saw a tall black figure standing at the end of her bed, only 4-5 feet away from me. The first time it was about 15 feet away from me so I was not as freaked out as I was this time. It was the same tall black figure I saw last time, or at least looked similar, where it was black with no features of any kind, and this time he was a little hunched over the end of the bed. He did not move, did not make any noise, or disappear. I was terrified once again and looked away and tried to calm down. After that encounter, I was never to see it again.

However, I do believe that I will see it again sometime because I am always there and sleeping over, where I have my chance because it always seems to be around the same time. I have told my friend, who has lived there her whole life, these stories in as much detail as I possibly could and she has told me on a few occasions that she has experienced the same thing. Oddly, I look forward to seeing it again because of curiosity, but you know where that can get you.