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Subject: shadow entity


My name is Ana and I would like to share my shadow (person) entity experience with you after coming across your website recently.

A brief background on me, if you’re interested. Since I was young, I have always been aware of things without understanding what exactly was going on. I have been told I have a natural psychic ability in which I should develop further, as I will be able to obtain more detailed images and information more easily. The things I see now are often vague outlines of people (occasionally I see them in detail), simple auras and a general "knowledge," I guess you could say, of things that will happen.

Up until I was about 12/13 years of age (I am now 21), I thought everyone saw what I saw and found it ‘no big deal’ until mentioning my spirit friend, who I call Bagaduh, (I'm not sure why it's just a name I have for him), to my mum in a conversation we were having about something. Bagaduh is not a shadow being. I guess he is a spirit of some kind. I am able to feel him physically, and mentally, he has guided me on simple ways to look after my mind from negative spirits I have come across. Some, I have been told, seek those who are "aware naturally" out intentionally as often they are able to influence our minds with a greater ease. For what purpose, I am unsure. I must admit at some stages I actually thought I was a lunatic when I realized not everyone has these experiences. My sanity reminder was when I would have my pet rat running around my room and walk in to see her "playing" with Bagaduh. She saw him too, so unless we were both insane, he is real. Okay, but enough about that.

My shadow entity experience was one that had only happened in summer, about a year and a half ago now. I was staying with my then boyfriend at his parent’s house. After a busy weekend, we were more than happy to go to bed, though, I do remember I was having trouble actually falling asleep and I could hear my boyfriend start to doze off. While looking around the dark room, although not pitch black, but dark where you can still make out objects, I remember seeing a dark patch at this stage starting to form near the end of the bed. I thought nothing of it, as I am used to seeing all kinds of things (if I want to or not), and rolled over to hug my boyfriend. It was at this stage that I started to feel a little uneasy and closed my eyes, still thinking nothing of it, until I felt my thigh being touched. Curious, I opened my eyes and looked at the back of my boyfriend's head and realized that there was no way it was him, as I was hugging his back with him lying on 1 arm, and me with my arm over his other one. I then felt my back being touched. After maybe 20 seconds of constant touching and my unease growing, I started to roll over into the direction of where the feeling was coming from. It was then that I saw the now pure black figure not sitting, but some how, right on the bed with me; I rolled right into its darkness. It was on me.

I am not normally scared of the things I see. I wasn't scared now but I was highly uneasy about it being there, touching me, everything about it wanted to make me run away. It looked like a dark silhouette of a person in robe/cape; its head was reasonably clearly outlined, but the body was fluid-like. I’m not sure how long it sat there and we looked at each other, but it then got up and stood in the corner near my head and looked at me. I had to tilt my head back to look at it… I was frozen on it and I couldn't look away. It was mesmerizing and yet I was so uneasy about this figure. It was like when you know that something isn't right, if someone on the street makes you feel so uneasy, you move away, but I couldn't, I couldn't move, I couldn't talk. I wanted it away from me. I couldn't do anything but watch ‘it’ watch ‘me.’

I heard my boyfriend stir and roll over and start to say something, instead, I heard him yell out. All I could do was watch this shadow figure start to move towards the door, his robe flowing from the rush of air as he headed away from the sudden disturbance. My boyfriend turned on the bed side lamp. I, at some stage, had sat up. My boyfriend grabbed me and we both watched this black figure sweep through the room and out the closed bedroom door. My boyfriend saw it as well. He saw it in the corner thinking it was someone watching us sleep. He turned on the light, ready to yell at whoever it was, then, like me, froze as the figure so fluidly escaped through the closed door. I was okay once it left. The feeling in the room faded immediately as soon as it went. It took my boyfriend quite a while to calm down. He said ‘it was awful’ those 30 seconds or so that he saw it. He tried to describe the horrible feeling that was so strong in its presence that, I too, felt. Over and over again, he said, it was watching me. I told him I saw it, but never said anything about it touching me and being on the bed with us, as I was worried it would freak him out further. To this day, it is a feeling and memory we will never forget.

When I next felt Bagaduh around, I asked him what happened, why it was there, who it was, and why it was watching and touching me so intently. He never told me exactly what it was, only that it most likely wanted something it couldn't have, and that there are a lot of energies out there, both good and bad. He also said that all energies are different; some cope with change, others don't. Some are out there to guide, others are there to test. I hope I haven't rambled on for too long. You are welcome to use any part of what I have written. Though I would like to keep my email private, but you are welcome to contact me for further information.