From: William Danner
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 4:22:19 AM
Subject: Shadows in the cemetery.

Okay, so this is how it goes. It was the middle of August and my cousin says hey lets go to Bachelors Grove. It's an old, old cemetery just outside of Chicago. I never been there before but he told me bout a weird story bout him and his brother going there the winter before and seeing footsteps in the snow circling each headstone but no footsteps going in or out of the place but their own.

Anyway, I start researching the cemetery on the net come to find out it's one of the most haunted places in the world, supposedly, right? So being always fascinated but skeptic about paranormal stuff I said, "Yeah, let's go."

We go the next day and as soon as we arrive something just does not feel right but I pay it no attention knowing where I'm at and that my mind is gonna be playing with me, right? So we start down the trail into the cemetery and all is good and well. Finally, we approach the front gate and enter.

We start walking around reading headstones and snapping pictures but nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Then all of a sudden, me and my cousin just grabbed each other, looking in the same direction and there they were; three mildly dark shadows holding hands walking clear across the middle of the cemetery. Two adult sized shadows and one child or maybe just someone really short. Full-bodied all of them just walking across the place but no movement of the legs much really. Kinda more like they floated across. Once they reached the opposite end they just plain vanished. We look at each other in disbelief but know we just saw the same thing. We turn to my other cousin and he says he didn't see anything but he looked real sick or something. Then, BOOM, all types of crazy stuff starts to happen. We see more shadows all over the place but these were all clear figures. Not dark or shadowy just clear. Kinda like when you're invisible in a video game. We start snapping more shots and all kinds of crazy orbs appear in the pics. By this point, we were all a lil spooked and tailed it outta there.

We been back a couple times but nothing happens, not even a weird feeling. Nothing. I don't know what went on that day but since then, I've been a true believer. And it has not been my last encounter with the paranormal.

The pictures are also now on my Facebook page. Readers can send me a personal message saying orbs or shadow people. If they would like to see them.

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