From: Nick
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, August 2, 2009 2:32:00 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow being

This experience happened to me 29 years ago, back in June or July 1980. At the time I was living at my parents place in a Sydney NSW, Australia suburb called Marayong. The proximity of the house to the house nearest to it was about 100 metres. Between my parents house and the next house, there was a vacant parcel of land which had been used for market gardening in the past. There was some very old broken down wire fencing which indicated the boundary between my parents place and the vacant lot. The lot itself was overgrown with grass and weeds with large patches of aniseed bushes appearing in a random sequence some metres apart from each other.

The first experience occurred one night fairly late as I was walking home passing the lot. About 20 metres from the house boundary fence, there was a large aniseed patch with bushes about 2 metres high very near to the road . Often I'd hear animals scurrying about in the long grass and this patch and in particular I noticed if it was a dog or a cat in there because of the noise and rhythm of four feet moving. This night I heard something in this aniseed patch which sounded like a person moving about slowly, which then stopped. The noise of this made me look at and into the patch and I could see a dark figure squatting down amongst the bushes and grass watching me. I noted that it appeared to be humanoid. It was faced towards me and about 2-3 metres from my closest passing point. I could make its face and where its eyes were which were white with a dark centre in the middle of them. They weren't luminous. As for the rest of its body, which was mostly obscured, it was black and much darker then the night surrounding it.

I walked on a few metres further and then decided to pick up some rocks and throw them in its general direction to see if would react or be startled. It didn't move, it was still watching me. I decided to keep going and get home at this point.

The second experience was a few days later and again I was walking home at night, around about 9 in the evening. I passed the vacant lot when I, again, heard the same sort of movement when I reached the aniseed bushes, which I'd heard the few nights before. This time, I didn't stop walking until I turned in to walk up the path to my parent's house. I was curious about the noise in the bushes so I walked over to the old fence boundary at the side of the path, to have another look into the vacant lot. I saw the same black figure, but this time, it walked to the side of the aniseed bushes which faced me and it stopped on the edge of them which gave me a clear view of it. The figure appeared to squat down but this time, I could see it clearly from about its knee height and up to to its head. The figure was about 5 foot when it was standing and not much shorter when It was squatting. It was humanoid but definitely not human.

I could clearly see its face which was watching me again. The face appeared a little bit lighter coloured then the rest of it. Its face had eyes, nose and mouth similar to ours and had a neutral expression on it. As before it was much darker then the surrounding night was and this time, I was able to see that around the outline of its body; it did not have a finite linear edge to it. Instead, the edge of its body looked like it faded out into the surrounding air. Otherwise, it was very much three-dimensional and solid looking. We were looking at each other for some minutes without moving from where me and it had stopped. Interestingly I didn't feel threatened by it and I was thinking of saying something to it but a thought came to mind not to, in case communicating with it had adverse consequences. After some minutes I decided to leave and continue to go inside the house. It was still staring as I walked away.

Strangely it didn't seem to register for with some days what I had seen. When it did register I was socialising with a girlfriend. I remember I suddenly stopped and said to her that I'd seen this "black thing". She asked me to clarify. I then told her pretty much what I'd said here. It was only then that I felt some panic and realised that what I saw was not explainable or defined. After this time I never saw it again. To this day nobody I have told has been able to say what it was. Both times that I had seen the figure I was not and had not been intoxicated in the intermediate time before the sightings. I am and always have been in stable mental health.