From: Gary
Subject: Shadow Story
Date: 1/16/2008 5:36:58 PM Eastern Stand Time
To:The Official Shadow People Archives

I had lived in a two bedroom apartment for at least twelve years. I had roommates off and on but mostly lived alone. I would switch bedrooms at times moving storage into one that was not being used for sleeping. My first encounter came in what I will call room number 1. I awake about 4 am when it was just getting light out (as I live in Alaska the sun comes up early in the summer) to see two shadow forms standing beside my bed. They were about as tall as 7 year olds and were darker than the room was lit. I quickly turned my head back into my pillow really freaked out. I looked again and now they were reaching toward me. I turned into the pillow again, putting my hand out to keep them back, expecting to be grabbed but felt nothing. As I looked again the third time, they were gone.

My second experience was in bedroom number 2. I was sleeping on my side when I was awoken by what felt like someone sitting on my bed behind me. I felt what felt like someone sticking their finger to the middle of my back and I was now paralyzed. I could not move but I could open my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw three figures in the corner of the room. Two were as tall as adults and one was shorter. Now in both fear of someone behind me and the figures in the corner I started to pray to god to help me as I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes again and the shadows were gone and I could move again.

Awhile after that I had a dream that I was standing in the hall between the bedrooms and could feel pure evil surrounding me. I felt as if I could fight the evil so I started to try and pull the evil from the rooms and rid the apartment of them. I pulled at least 4 to 5 black shaped beings from room number 2 and they floated away above me but just as I thought I had the power over the evil, one huge black shaped came from room number two. This shape had an overwhelming sense of evil and I could not defeat it. I awoke just as it was taking me into its power.

A short while after that I happened to be in the apartment below me talking to the gal that lived there. We got on the subject of the paranormal and I told her about my experiences with the being in my apartment. She got quiet for a minute and told me she too had seen them in her apartment. She chalked hers up from being on pain killers after surgery but after I told her my story she thought twice about what she had seen.

Now thinking back on both experiences I think I was shown perhaps my future or parts of it.

I married a gal that had two daughters. One was 7 and the other 14. That could explain what I saw in room number 2. As for the feeling of someone sitting on my bed and putting their finger in my back I think that might have been my mother, who had died just a short time before that. I had told her before she died that I would freak out if she came back to visit me, as relatives had done to her after their deaths, so maybe she felt paralyzing me was what she had to do.

I am now the father of twins. I think that may explain what I saw in room number 1.

I have not seen the shadows since I moved out of the apartment and I hope, even though they may show me my future, to never see them again.