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Subject: Shadow people are real
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 02:54:32 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I've read most of the stories posted here and need to share my own.

Late one night about eight years ago, I saw from the corner of my eye someone coming out of my son's bedroom. His bedroom is at the far end of a long and wide corridor, and the lights were on. I assumed it was my son, who was 5 years old at the time, but when I looked, I realized it wasn't. It appeared to be the shadow of a boy, but this shadow was tri-dimensional and solid enough to block the light. I sat there with my eyes and mouth wide open, wondering if I was dreaming, hallucinating, or what.

The shadow turned its head towards the place where I was sitting. It had no eyes or facial features, but I knew it was able to see me because when our eyes apparently met, the shadow jumped as if startled. Then, it stood very straight facing me, with its arms pressed against the sides, as if petrified with fear and at the same time (I suppose) wondering what to do or what I would do. We remained like that for few minutes until I decided to approach it, because I really wanted to know what it was. But at my slighest movement, the shadow turned to the right, and ran (or should I say, glided) at amazing speed towards the opposite wall, and as it did, it shrunk, change into an elongated black blob, that stretched and finally flattened out enough to slip and hide under a large plant pot. I immediately got up and tried to move the plant pot, but it was too heavy. Then I checked if my son was alright, and to my relief, found him happily asleep. I spent the rest of that night watching over my son, but for some reason, I was not afraid of the shadow, but thrilled with what I saw.

I did not mention this to anyone. Few days afterwards, my son asked me to spend the night with him because he had seen a "mud man" in his room. This "monster" was, according to his description, a small man that was entirely dark, reason why he thought it was made of mud. I spent more than just one night in his bedroom and about four weeks later, my son woke me up whispering "mom, someone's opening the door!" And yes, the door was being opened and I saw a dark hand on the doorknob. I sat on the bed quite scared not so much thinking that this was the "mud man", but some real life thief, but when I could see as far as its elbow, it started to close the door very slowly, without entering the room. Then I told my son that maybe it was his dad checking on us. I went to my husband's room but he was deeply asleep.

Few years after, I woke up and saw another shadow. This one ran into the bathroom and I went after it, but it apparently disappeared. My son dreamt that same night that a man made of smoke was in his room.

It wasn't until three years ago, more or less, that I began to see the shadows more often, specially a tall shadow with broad shoulders that stood next to my bed almost every night. I enjoyed watching it until falling back asleep. For some reason, I believed it was friendly. One night I saw its face. It looked like the negative of a photograph but with very simple features, that almost resembled a child's drawing of a human face. That's why I thought it wasn't really its face, but something the shadow wanted me to believe. In other words, it pretended to look human. What really caught my eye, were five white dots like coins, along what appeared to be its hairline.

Then my family and I went on for vacation, and I asked the shadow to remain in the house (I needed some time away from it). A week later, when we came back, I felt there was something very angry in the house; I could almost breathe it. I began to unpack and organize our stuff, when lights began to flicker in the room. This didn't happen elsewhere in the house. My CD player wouldn't work until hours later. That afternoon, when I was carrying food on a tray, something hit me in the arm. I screamed and dropped everything. I had a red bruise on my arm. And that night I began to have these nightmares of terrible things happening to my children. I had them for three consecutive nights, and each time I woke up, the shadow was standing close to my bed. On the third night, I got pretty upset because I came to the conclusion that the shadow was threatening me, so I asked the shadow to leave my house at once.

It apparently did, for a short time, but one night I woke up and saw the shadow standing in my bedroom's doorway. It jumped onto the bed, crawled on all fours, even over my husband's body, and landed flat on top of me, holding my wrists tightly against the mattress. All I could move was my head and this thing was so heavy that I couldn't breathe at all. I thought I was going to die. I looked right into its dark, featureless face, and this is the strangest part... I could feel its warm breath on my face, meaning that this being is able to breathe!! A ghost? It also had a peculiar smell that I can't describe well, because it's unlike any other smell. All I can say is that it was a pungent smell of something metallic, and very sour, but not foul. I struggled with it until I managed to push it off, and when I was able to breathe again, I yelled at the top of my lungs, waking up my husband. I saw the shadow leave the room quickly.

For over a year, I haven't seen any more shadow people, but now I'm terrified of them. I know about sleep paralysis and night terrors, but I wonder if the scientists' explanation can explain it fully.

Shadow people are real and in my opinion they're not spirits of any kind, but living forms of some kind. They can change in shape like play-dough (reason why I believe they're really amorphous, meaning that they don't have any specific form), and they're not always dark. I've seen them change from dark to light. And they're not able to vanish in mid-air nor cross through solid surfaces, but use doors and other openings instead. If they appear to vanish it is because they can move very fast and shrink to fit into narrow, tight spaces, where they hide or slip through. Apparently, they developed these abilities as a way to survive and as camouflage (what better way to blend into the background than to appear as shadows or lights). They seem to study us. Sounds too weird??

Note: My name is Ana and everybody is welcomed to read this post about my experiences with shadow people. I would appreciate not writing to the above e-mail but to:

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