From: EG
Subject: shadow people or ghosts??
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 12:46:31 -0600


Like most people I find things such as the unknown scary yet fascinating. I'm not sure what 'shadow people' are. Yes, like many others, I have sometimes thought I saw something but a second look showed nothing. I do have one weird experience which I'm not sure is or has anything to do with shadow people but scary just the same.

As far back as I can remember I have had dreams that actually came true. Sometimes they seemed like a rerun of a movie I had seen, the experience in my 'dream' repeating itself even the dialogue word for word.

In 1984 I saw a person, in full living color appear at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night. She stood there wringing her hands as if worried about something. She looked familiar but I could not place the familiarity. When I sat up and asked who she was, she just seemed to 'shatter' like a mirror broken into thousands of pieces and drop to the floor. I tried to see if anything was there but saw nothing and my husband said I was probably dreaming, but she seemed real and solid and blocked the hallway light behind her which I left on for the kids at night.

Later that morning I had an emergency C-section and delivered my youngest son who is now 20. The figure I saw was familiar, but after seeing old photos of my grandmother years later she looked like the same person. I remembered my grandma as a child as tall with grey hair in braids. This person had blond hair and seemed short. I guess a 5yr old's perspective she would have been tall. The funny thing was I remembered the color of her dress as being green, with small prints on it. I saw the photo in black and white and only my mother confirmed it was actually green. Could it have been a ghost?

I last saw her at age five and she died in Europe many years later and I never saw her again since that age.

Another incident was in 1995. It was the end of October. I went to bed and it was snowing big snowflakes that night. I woke up in the middle of the night by some noise. I listened and heard it again as if someone was opening drawers in the living room. That was the only room that had drawers with the loose handles that clinked when you opened it. I called out thinking one of the kids was up to tell them to go back to bed. The noises continued so I went downstairs to investigate and everyone was sleeping and nothing was out of place.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and while standing at the sink, I felt as if a presence or something was watching me right by the back door. I could feel the hair standing up on my arms and neck (even as I write this) but saw nothing and it was still snowing outside when I glanced out the window making it light enough to see anyone outside the back door. I rushed up to bed leaving on all the lights for the rest of the night.

The next morning while I was taking my kids to school and the neighbour kids, one of them pointed out a strange set of footprints by the back door. It was as if someone or something had started walking in the middle of the back yard took about five steps and just stood at the bottom of my back door stairs leading up to the house. No steps on the porch, leading BACK or anywhere else. It's as if whatever it was just stood there and then flew away.

The rest of the yard was still covered with the fresh snow and no steps leading in or out any of the gates just those few steps by the back door starting from nowhere ending the same. It left us all wondering and if it had not been pointed out by my neighbors kids, I would have thought I was imagining it.

Another incident happened about two years ago. I was watching tv, everyone had gone to bed. I heard a noise as if someone was walking around the kitchen with their shoes on. Our floor there is tile and I distinctly heard the footsteps. I thought one of the kids left the back door open and someone was in the house. I crept up the stairs and peeked around the corner but saw nothing and the lights were on so I checked the doors (all locked) and turned off the light and went downstairs to watch the rest of the show. This time I heard creaking noises right behind me. The floor is hardwood and sometimes creaks when you walk there and the chair was in the middle of the room so nothing was behind me but open space and the computer desk a few feet away. I looked and saw NOTHING. I got really scared and turned off the tv and rushed up to bed.

The next night was even weirder. Everyone went to bed but me and my youngest son. He was in the basement in his room and I was at my computer. It was about one in the morning. Suddenly I heard this loud noise. I was ready to run down and yell at my son for using the vacuum in the middle of the night when he came rushing upstairs to see what the noise was. We both heard it and went up to the kitchen. The BLENDER was on full blast, seems it turned on by itself. It’s the kind where you have to push in the buttons to turn it on but none of the buttons was pushed in. I unplugged it and by that time everyone else had woken up to the noise. We were all nervous about it and told them what happened the night before. Naturally the kids made fun of me and my 'ghosts' but I was not laughing.

The next day I was off work and actually sitting at my computer writing my experiences down for a ghost website to see if anyone else had that happen when I heard digital music playing. The kind one hears with a watch or clock. I followed the noise back up to the living room and found my son’s old clock playing on the top of the shelf. It was a gift engraved given to him by his work but it was broken by my friends kids and I put it up there months before. Soon as I picked it up it stopped playing. To make matters worse it had NO BATTERIES in it. I really freaked and started crying and telling whatever it was doing it to stop as it was scaring me. My son walked in the back door home from work. He checked the clock and started questioning my sanity and making dumb jokes that I was 'losing it' and making musical noises around me the rest of the day.

Not funny at all : Nothing funny happened until about a year later.

I had just gone to bed. It was about midnight and everyone was already sleeping. I heard a loud crash and glass breaking. I thought maybe a dish fell in the kitchen so went to look. Nothing was amiss so I went to bed. I couldn't sleep knowing I heard something so I woke hubby who reluctantly came with me to check the rest of the house. We went to the family room and checked in on my daughter whose room is next to it. She was awake and said she heard the noise too. We turned all the lights on. There was glass all over the floor in the family room and a broken candle in the middle of it. The weird part is that the candle and the glass chimney lying all over the floor belonged to a candle holder sitting on top of my tv wall unit, WAY in the back placed there so no one would accidently knock it off. The heavy brass holder was still there BEHIND the large potted plant placed in front of it (the wall was behind it) and the row of bowling trophies still sitting there in front of the plant. The candle itself was a small 6inch taper never used but kept in the candle holder for decoration. It was now broken in half, the string still inside it and there was a large burn melted in the middle where it broke in half and you could see where the wax kind of bubbled from the heat. The string was not singed.

Hubby's explanation was that it was probably a 'mouse' (on steroids?) but the glass and candle went OVER all the stuff in front of it and none of them were disturbed. He also suggested the 'wind' but the family room doesn't get windy at least not to my knowledge and all windows were closed. It would have made sense if the 'wind' blew off lighter objects like papers NOT the glass chimney and candle behind all the heavier stuff surrounding it. This one still leaves me wondering.

I returned from a visit to Europe a week ago. We were visiting Italy and staying in a small house which was probably a few hundred years old out in the country in southern Calabria. The house belonged to my husband’s family and he was born in the same house. I have been there several times before and the house has been modernized and my brother in law and his family live there. I have never seen, felt or heard anything unusual there before this one last time.

It was the day before we were to leave to return home. We went to bed as usual. The house gets quite cold at night as it is made of brick, and the heating usually goes off sometime during the night. There are no street lights and they usually close the windows so its pitch dark and you cannot even see your nose, but I left the window open and only the night light from outside was the only source of light. One could make out the faint outlines of the furniture and the window.

In the middle of the night I woke up. I wasn't sure why, and I listened to hear maybe the dogs outside barked or something but all was quiet. Then I got this weird feeling of being 'watched'. I was actually so terrified that I couldn't move and could hear the blood rushing in my ears I was so scared. I did not actually SEE anything as it was dark with only a faint light from the window, but I thought there was a pitch dark shape or something standing by the side of the bed. I was so scared I moved closer to my hubby who was sleeping like a log. I did not see anything but the dark shadowy mass and could not make out the wall unit which could be seen before in the faint light from outside. It seemed as if SOMETHING was just watching us sleep. I tried turning on the bedside lamp switch but it did not work for some reason. I moved really close to hubby and covered my head with the blanket. I was just scared out of my wits by something I did not see but sort of 'felt' if that makes any sense.

I must have fallen asleep as I woke up to the dogs barking outside. It was still dark in the room but not pitch black and I turned on the bedside lamp remembering my experience during the night. The lights came on no problem. I still don't know what it was I felt or thought I saw but now if any kid ever tells me that they see something in their room at night, I'm not going to just shrug it off as a bad dream or their overactive imagination. Maybe there IS something and we can only see it by accident sometimes. But it scared the crap out of me to be sure. And never in my life have I ever experienced such raw terror.

Maybe I am going crazy as my kids suggest, but I experienced all of the above some with actual witnesses so if I am going crazy, they are following in my footsteps. I don't know what to make of all of these experiences, why they happen but I have had sceptics tell me “There's usually a good explanation…blah, blah…" without actually giving me a reasonable one. Mice and wind are not 'reasonable' and make no sense because of the evidence. The black shape or mass which I saw recently was the most terrifying of them all and I have never been so terrified in my life as I was that night. I guess it is the unknown that scares me a bit but I actually sensed and felt a presence. I didn't mention it to anyone yet, as I fear ridicule but it’s comforting to know that I am not the only person who sees these things.