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Subject: my ongoing shadow saga

My spouse and I purchased a home in the country app. 2 years ago in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. It's a beautiful home and a beautiful property. It had been another young couple that owed it and we were surprised that they listed the property below market value and the sale went through very quickly. They had literally already moved out by the time they listed the place.

We moved in August 2013 and everything seemed great. We had two small pugs and went and got 2 more rescues, a beagle and a large German shepherd as we have a ton of space and land to roam. The first incident happened that summer.

I was upstairs in the shower while my spouse was BBQing on the patio around 4:30pm on a bright summer day. I heard him calling me. I finally yelled down that I was in the shower. When I came downstairs he said he called to me as he thought he saw me inside the kitchen while he was standing on the deck. He said that he saw a shadow pass through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room and of course he thought it was me. He was quite surprised to learn I was upstairs at the time. It didn't bother him but it kind of freaked me out as I'm very sensitive to both safety and especially supernatural stuff.

Soon after the two male dogs, the German shepherd and the male Pug would stare at foyer and/or front door and just bark for no reason. I initially chocked it up to them seeing birds outside which regularly populate the front lawn to graze. However when my in-laws were staying with us in the summer of 2014 my mother in law had been sitting outside in the front yard reading when she came into the house unnerved. This was around sunset time. She said she had looked up and saw and shadowy figure walking up the long driveway towards the house. She said it had a definite shape but no features, just dark gray smoky black. I was hoping it had been the wine.

But the very next day, a bright sunny morning, my father-in-law was sitting in the living room having coffee and he said he looked out the window and saw a dark shadowy figure on the front porch. He said he looked right at it in broad daylight. He described it the exact same way as my mother-in-law had; black and featureless but with a definite shape.

I myself have never seen anything directly. And the odd thing I'm quite a spiritual person who mediates regularly and prays to God and the Angels all the time.

Just last night however, when I was home alone working at night I had another 'incident'. Again the two male dogs seemed anxious all evening. They kept running to the foyer and barking at the door. I was waiting for my spouse to get home from work and the dogs run and bark at the door whenever they see him coming up the walkway, so I kept thinking it was him arriving home, but then no one came in the front door. Then I heard a loud BANG or some sort of noise on the outside of the front door. It sounded like my spouse when he comes home with arm loads of stuff and kicks the door with his foot so I can come open it for him. Of course the dogs ran to the door barking. I went to the door to open it for him - and there was no one there. I took the flashlight (and my German Shepherd!) and went outside to see if there was perhaps any intruders or teenagers playing some sort of game but there was nothing and no one. Again we live on a large rural property set far off the road. No one could run up and bang on the door as a joke and take off without me seeing them.

So I'm not sure what to do or make of all this. Save for the first incident in the kitchen, all of the episodes of these shadow entities have taken place outside. (in fact I think my spouse saw the figure outside because it was reflected in the kitchen glass but he just thinks it was in the house - at least I'm hoping!) Other than that - it just seems to lurk outside, especially on the front porch. Last night was the first time it actually caused a physical banging against the front door. I thought these shadow entities were contained to another realm where they couldn't affect matter?? I said a prayer to Archangel Michael after the banging on the front door and the dogs seemed to calm down after that and stopped running to the front door barking. So I'm thinking it must have worked on some level. Back in Manitoba, my spouse had a definite ghost in his home before he moved down here, but that spirit was contained to the house. And I refused to sleep there. But I have never encountered anything that roamed around outside like this before. So I'm not quite sure what to do here. My spouse just accepts things like that without fear or hesitation but I am really freaked out. I refuse to be uncomfortable in my own home - my dream home no less! What does it want? Why is it lurking outside? And why is it suddenly able to affect matter?? Does that mean it's going to become worse?

Any further information and or advice from people who have had similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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