From: Bjørn
Subject: Shadow people experience
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 14:22:17 +0200

I saw on your website that you wanted to hear from anyone that has encountered the shadow people. Well, I have a story to tell which might shed some light on these beings. It happened in 1992. I hope this story can help others in dealing with these creatures.

Story begins: The midnight strangler

This happened in 1992 when I was 21, unemployed and still living at home with my mother and brother. We lived on the seventh story of a building built in the 1970's in the suburbs outside Norway’s capital, Oslo.

I was just getting ready to go to sleep when I felt that I was not alone in the room. Thinking that I was just imagining things, I turned off the light and crept under the covers. After a little while, I heard heavy breathing coming from the top of my bookshelf. There was some moonlight and light from the streets coming through the window, so the room was not completely dark. And in the about three feet of space between the books on the top shelf and the ceiling I saw a spot which was noticeably darker than the surroundings. The breathing was coming from this compact little shadow that seemed to be studying me and the way it was breathing, seemed to indicate, that it wanted to harm me. Of course, I turned on the lights hoping it would go away but it was still there, although I now could not see it. The breathing was just as clear as if there had been another person in the room with me. My mother was sleeping in the room next to mine and my brother was sleeping in the room on the other side. I could have yelled for help but I felt a little foolish for being afraid of sounds and shadows in the dark.

I was now sitting on the edge of my bed and heard it jump down to the floor. The sound of it landing on the floor, seemed muffled and distant, quite unlike the sound of its breath which was very clear. I could sense that it was coming towards me by the sound of its sickeningly, evil breathing and the cold which seemed to emanate from it. When it was close, I stretched towards it and felt its shape by the sharp temperature contrast between it and the room. It was much colder than the surrounding air and it was about three feet tall and seemed to be a compact little creature. It moved slowly like it was stalking me, though it must have been aware that I could sense it. When it got all the way to me, I pulled my legs up into the bed and pulled the covers round me because I was freezing and really didn't want any closer contact with the creature.

After a while it jumped up into my bed. I knew now that there was no physical way I could stop this thing from coming closer so I started to whisper to it: "You can't harm me, you are only air, you are not supposed to be here." "Go away, I will not cooperate with you, you can not force me to do what you want." "You are not getting into my mind or soul." That seemed to make it really angry and its breathing got more aggressive. I lay down on my back and tried to go to sleep so it would realize that it had no power over me and that I didn't see it as a real physical threat.

It then crawled on top of my chest and I could feel its weight and coldness pressing down on my chest. It came up to my face and laid its hands around my throat. I turned my head to the side so that it didn't have its face so close to mine and it was breathing like a pervert into my ear while it was trying to choke me. The feeling was uncomfortable but it couldn't exert any pressure around my throat. It seemed like its legs were short with big feet because it was not sitting on its knees like a human would do. The arms were so long that they must have reached to the ground when its standing upright and its fingers were about double the length of human fingers. I could feel its fingers very clearly around my throat and it seemed like it only had three fingers and a thumb on each hand. I kept chanting in my mind: "Go away, you are not getting into my mind or soul." until I fell asleep and the creature vanished gradually like the memory of a dream.

That was the last I saw of that thing and I believe that I managed to drive it away by taking control of the situation and not let it threaten or scare me. I'm glad that I turned on the light so I couldn't see it, otherwise I think I will have totally freaked out. It was real enough with the sounds and coldness and feel of its body. I'm glad I didn't see what it looked like up close.

The story doesn’t really end here. A year later I met the woman of my dreams (we are still together twelve years after) and I moved in with her. She had a son that was 5 years old at the time. We had been together two or three months and I had not told anyone about my experience yet as I thought at the time that it must have been some sort of hallucination. One night, her son came screaming into our bedroom telling us he had woken up and seen a little man looking at him over the edge of his bed. He couldn't really describe him other than his size and that he looked evil. He refused to enter his room for over a month and still to this day remembers the creature, though he thinks of it as a bad dream.

Whatever these creatures are, this one was pure evil and I doubt if any of these shadow people have any good intentions. I occasionally see these shadows in the corner of my eye and I always feel that they are studying us with envy and hate, just waiting for some weak victim to cling onto and feed off like some sort of parasite.