From: Name Withheld By Request
Subject: shadowperson experience
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 10:58:52 -0400 (EDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I'm not sure if you're still interested in hearing people's stories, but here's mine, anyway. First things first, if you choose to publish my story, can you not display my name or email address? However, if anyone you know has seen a figure like mine, specifically a horned figure, please let me know.

My family's been affected by paranormal occurrences for as long as I can remember. I'm actually sort of jaded about odd happenings now. But I still like getting shivers from a good ghost story, or reading real or faked E-bay auctions of "haunted" items. I take all that stuff lightly, though.

There's only one experience from my childhood, I was about 10 at the time (I'm 28 now). That has truly bothered me. I'll recount that night as I remember it, and I remember it clearly.

My sister was babysitting for a family friend's two children, John, about 8 years old, and a girl, Jane, who was my age. There was another teenager in the house at the time. Before the younger children, me included, were sent to bed, we told ghost stories by candlelight. Maybe that was the problem :P

John and Jane shared a bedroom. I shared a double bed with Jane while John slept in his own across the room. Now Jane swore she heard something under the bed. She didn't say what it was, but her brother told her to look under to see what it was. When she did, she screamed for John to turn on the light because something was there. John did so, and both of them looked under the bed and nothing was there. I was cowering under the blankets. Satisfied that nothing was there, John turned off the lights.

A few minutes later, Jane started screaming again, saying "It's coming out! It's coming out!" I peeked out from the blankets and saw this tall figure standing beside the bed. Thinking about it now, it seemed like it shouldn't be there. The door was open and the hall light was on and coming into the room, yet this figure was still black. It was completely unaffected by the light from the hall. Disturbing as it was having this shadow thing standing beside the bed, what was worse was that this thing didn't have a normal head. This thing had four horns, two on either side. The two top horns pointed upward, while the bottom two pointed down. I've attached an image to this email as a diagram.

This thing raised its arms and bent over us. There was nothing we could do but hide under the blankets. When there should've been contact, there was nothing. Jane was still screaming crying under the blanket, so I peeked out. It was gone. John, who was on the other side of the room, could not understand what was going on. He did not see the figure.

My sister tried explaining it away, that it had been the other teenager. There was no way, no possible way it could've been him. First of all, the figure was much taller, and as far as I know, teenaged boys don't absorb light - or have four horns. Secondly, John wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face throughout the "practical joke."

Even now, I still look underneath beds before I sleep on them. Even now, I want to give a good kick to that shadowbully for scaring a couple of young girls eighteen years ago. And maybe it's the same one who lurks on the cusp of my vision every once in a while.

Thanks for your time.