From: Beth
Sent: Saturday, July 4, 2015 3:52:11 PM
Subject: Red eyes watching me sleep during a bad breakup

I was at a very low point in my life when I first saw a shadow person/figure/thing. I had just been with someone for seven years and had a baby two years prior with them, and was forced to move out with my child into my mom's house, due to the relationship finally crumbling. There was no relief to be found there since the father was completely absent for weeks, unwilling to care for our child. And my mother would not let me mourn the loss, or rest, or have a week to just grieve and fall apart and then feel better. She said she would help then didn't. It was all on me to care for my toddler alone, without the help of the father that left me no choice but to leave him for the hurt he inflicted on me. Caring for my toddler was my responsibility but I could've used some help.

So, I'd had a couple nervous breakdowns already before being visited. I was considering taking my own life just because one of my worst fears of becoming a single unmarried mother who had been cheated on came true. But at night I'd sleep and before waking completely, there would be a figure staring into my face, the blackest black with either red or yellow eyes, it's eye color was almost undefinable but for some reason I remember red eyes. It's shape wasn't definable either, I just know it didn't have arms or legs. It terrified me the first time but the moment I blinked I was awake and it was gone, and I was staring in the place it was.

This happened two more times, the second time was the same way, but the third time, it startled me so much I fell out of the bed and hit my face on the night stand. That was particularly terrifying because I basically was falling right on top of whatever it was. Thought it disappeared as soon as I shut my eyes. I felt certain I was going to die for some reason. I got a black eye from that, and two small scars above my eyelid and under my eyebrow remain. Ever since then I haven't seen the figure again. But there are times at night I feel things in my room, where even closing my eyes I can see exactly where all my furniture is in my room and can feel and see where these presences are, if I wanted to try. I tend to block them out and I sleep a certain way to avoid looking at the side of the bed when I wake up. I keep my eyes closed tightly and cover my eyes with something so I don't see the light in the room even with my eyes shut.

I don't know what they are but I think they feed on negative emotions, either that or feel concern, or are warning us to get out. I knew I had to get out of my mom's house because she is emotionally abusive. I don't really understand what these things are. But mine might have felt concern it was just shocking to see something like that standing right next to my bed, right up to my face. It said nothing and didn't move. Before seeing it clearly I almost thought it was a child. I wish I knew why it was there.