From: name withheld by request.
Subject: shadow people
Date: 2001-07-13 11:19 AM

In the first paragraph of the shadow people page, it mentions, "no two people who have witnessed their presence ever describe exactly the same kind of being." Well do I have a story for you! And believe me its true, although I can't give out the names of the people that where there that night. I can tell you that the three of us work for a police department.

It happened about three years ago, probably late May, early June, we (myself and two other officers) were doing a routine building lockdown. All of us were on the third floor (building name not given for security reasons) myself and one officer was on the West wing and the other officer was on the East wing. Myself and the officer were finished with our section of the building so we decided to sit and wait for officer that was on the East wing to finish. A short time later the officer we were waiting for arrived and he was not happy. He went about yelling at us for going in behind him and turning lights on when he had just turned them off and vice versa. We just looked at him as if he was crazy. We both told him that we were at the West wing of the building waiting on him to finish. He didn't believe us. At that time he received a call over his walkie and left.

Me and the officer decided that we were going downstairs to the basement and take a lunch break. So we headed off to the South elevators when someone or something turned on the light behind us. We both turned around and saw a shadow run across the hallway. In the area we were in there are seven doors all which were all closed. We heard no door open or close. No foot steps even though the shadow we saw was running. We did a quick check of the immediate area and called dispatch to give us any alarms that they receive in our general area. No alarms. At that time the third officer comes back on the walkie advising us that the lights on the east wing are back on. After an hour later of doing another building check we found no people in the area but we did find lights on where they should of been off.

Later that night (early morning) as we going off shift, I looked at the officer who was with me and asked him, did you see what I saw?" He answered, "Depends." I said "the shadow running across the hall". He answered " yep".

Neither he nor I have seen the shadow since that summer night. But it doesn't mean we haven't stopped looking.

True story