From: Cindy
Subject: Our Family Sees Shadowpeople
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 18:48:21 -0400


This is the story of my family and how we have seen shadowpeople. You may put it up on your website if you like. And my contact information is Cindy Randazzo - I am one of the Co-Founders of SEWGR Southeast Wisconsin Ghost Research. The Mystery Hunters show is from the second season Show # 37. They were kind enough to send us a copy.

I enjoyed reading some of the stories and have book-marked your page to read the rest of the stories when I have time. Below is our story; I have posted this on other sites I belong to about the "shadow people" I see and have most of my life. This particular story, and was even covered by a Kids TV Show called "Mystery Hunters" from the Discovery Kids Channel. I will repeat it as it is interesting, and if you bear with me I will recount it one more time.

I first started to see the shadowpeople when I was about 5 years old I would see the shadow figure standing near my bed, most times near the foot end, but sometimes it would be sitting on my dresser, or close to my head area too. So I did what any normal child would do, I covered my head and waited for it to go away as I was afraid of it. I would peek out from time to time and it would still be there until the morning lights came through the windows.

Now about 11 years ago when my twins were about 16 years old, the oldest of the boys and I were talking about ghosts, and things I told him the story, he said "that was really weird!" I asked "why?" he then told me; He was living with his father as a child and shared the bedroom with his twin brother. From about the same age of 5 years old he would see a shadow figure in the bedroom every night, but his twin did not. It would be there all night the same as I had experienced. Well we thought it was really strange that both of us had the same thing happen, but he is the twist. We had been working on making some of our magickal tools with my mother during a full moon eve, and of course the subject came about again of ghosts, so we had told her about our shadow people, she then tells us that while she was growing up in a small town she had been raised by my great-grandparents, that every night she would have to close and lock the door to the attic crawlspace that was in her bedroom. And that when she was about the same age as my son and I she would see what she said was a shadow of a bear in her room, most times it would sit and watch her then others it would pace back and forth, it would be there until dawn, and when she would get up in the morning the attic door would be unlocked and open.

Well we all came to the conclusion that it was the eldest of each generation that this happened to! In the last year after we had been approached by the Discovery Kids TV show we found out a little more. My other 2 sons see the shadow people as adults, along with my oldest son, husband, and myself. My mother crossed over in August of 1998 from breast cancer, and her mother crossed 6 days before from the same thing. My aunt is the only full blood relative to my mom, and we had been talking and excited about the TV show and all when my aunt told us that she too had seen this shadow bear like thing when she was living with my grandmother, she was older by then as with my other 2 sons. All I can say is that I have come to feel as if the shadows that watch over us are guardians of some kind. My husband only started to see them after a near death experience, and sees them now to this very day. In fact we have even started a ghost research team up, so we can maybe one day understand why they do exist and do they follow everyone or just some people.