From: Peter
Subject: House Guests
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 1997 6:26:21 AM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I have encountered these beings three times, between first and last are 300 miles and 15 years.

My first encounter was as a five year old. I was going into my parents room, the door was on the right of the wall with the bed on it. The bed was centered in the room. As I entered the room I felt that there was something on the other side of the bed. I didn't look; I just dived and hid to the side of the bed. The room was lit by the light coming in the open door from the landing.

I lay there plucking up the courage to look. I looked across the bed, nothing. I figured it was hiding also and ducked again. I looked again, and this time waited. A black, all black cloaked figure, with no distinguishable contours other than the outline, about my size (an average 5 year old) appeared on the other side of the bed. We stayed there for a few seconds before I turned and leapt for the light switch, by the door. Turning back again there was nothing there.

At 20 I saw two of these figures at separate times in a different house. My room was always cold, and I had heard what has since been described to me as astral noises in there. (It was a knocking that traveled around the entire room (even outside on the second floor) at an even pace.) I had since left this room, the 2nd bedroom, for the 4th, the smallest bedroom in the house. I just said I didn't like it when I moved my stuff. My sister moved her things in there though I tried to put her off.

The door to that room is opposite the door to the bathroom and the bathroom mirror opposite the bathroom door. I walked into the bathroom, and over my shoulder in the mirror I saw a black, cloaked figure approx 6ft in the bedroom behind me. It was passing perpendicular to me, and regarded me only when I started at seeing it, as if it wasn't aware of me until then. I turned and it had gone.

The third time, I was alone in the house and ran up the stairs to retrieve something from my room. I didn't switch on the light, as I knew the stairs, and the switch was inconvenient when you already had a couple of paces speed up to run up them.

I turned the corner at the top, and stopped with inches to spare, as I thought I was going to crash into my dad. Only whatever was in front of me was much larger than my dad, and I was alone in the house. Again it was a cloaked figure this time over 6ft and well built with broad square shoulders, blacker than black it stood out because it was so much blacker than anything around it. The lights were out.

I stood and looked again, like the first time for a few seconds before going back down stairs rapidly. I must have hit only three or four stairs out of twelve on the way down.

I was obviously spooked by each of these occurrences, but didn't feel threatened as such by any of them. I ran because it didn't seem right. These things certainly weren't human or animal, and the situation was so far from normal. The adrenalin comes up, and wham, I'm out of there. No harm came to anyone in that house, and no-one seemed too bothered when I actually told them. No-one else saw them there either.

I'm now 29, live a further 10,000 miles away, and have not encountered one since.

Best regards,