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Sent: Wed, April 15, 2009 8:29:00 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: horrid encounter with multiplies during blotched suicide

It's been almost a decade since the events that I'm writing about happened. Yet I can recall them as if it happened yesterday...and some part of me believes they still lurk near and around me. Like a fog of negative energy.

Ten years ago, I was going through some hard times in my life. I had become a full-fledged alcoholic and my marriage was failing due to it. My wife seemed to be pulling away and the only thing that comforted me was drinking alone as I worked late into the night on my computer for my job (was a system analysis who was constantly on call). At one point, I began to feel as if my wife was cheating on me, so before I left on a business trip out west, I decided to bug the phones to see if I could catch her in act. Sure enough, when I got home (a day earlier than expected...and on July 4th), she wasn't home. I went to retrieve the tapes I had on phone calls and the very 1st message confirmed my suspicion. She was indeed having an affair...and with her boss. When she got home that night, fireworks were in the air all around the neighborhood. I confronted her and she broke in and told me truth....and that she was pregnant with his child. I pretty much lost it right then. We didn't fight or was so surreal. I ran to basement where my office was and began drinking heavily to try and dull the pain. I returned a bit later to see her packing. I told her I would leave for now and she could stay. I asked for a hug and she said she didn't love me enough to give me one. This broke my spirit...

I made my way slowly to the garage and was looking at the '69 cougar I had been restoring. I had enough. I decided to hang myself at that point and on the spur of the moment. Not thinking too much about the act itself or the best way, I just grabbed a tall stool and placed it under a garage beam and climbed up with a roll of duct tape. I started frantically wrapping the roll of tape around my neck then the bean and then more around my neck making several passes each time. The tape was tight and I ripped end off roll and let it drop and leaned forward to kick out stool.

As soon as the stool fell, I felt the weight of my body and realized this was going to go quick. Then suddenly as I swirled a bit in the air, I saw them. And I mean a lot of them. They were coming out of all the corners of the poorly lit garage. Looking back I can only describe them as the shadow people, just like from the movie 'Ghost'. It wasn't their presence that scared me the most; it was their hideous laughter that spread fear up and down my body. I had never been so afraid in all my life. Some came out and circled me. They were not tall like a man, more like 3-4 ft tall and deformed shapes...hunched over. One reminded me of the Kokopelli. But they were everywhere. I'd guess up to 15 or more. Some were actually peaking through side window outside and laughing as well. They never touched me but seemed to circle me as I swayed and hung there. The audible noises were so unreal and horrifying. They were groaning and laughing and snorting. In fear of it all I slowly began fading out of consciousness.

Next thing I knew I was feeling the impact of the cold hard cement floor in my garage. My wife who was inside came out and seen what I was doing and tackled me with enough force it actually broke the beam and a lot of the tape away. She was crying and slapping my face. She then hugged me then...ambulance came and got me later and I went thru intensive out patient treatment over my mental state.

I don’t drink anymore. I also have a profound faith in God. But those 'shadow people' or demons still spook me till this day. This is a story I don’t tell to many people. I remember telling a Dr. this story and he chalked it up to the lack of oxygen going to my brain and causing me to hallucinate. I don't buy that though. I mean I took a deep breath before jumping and they came out immediately.

So, yeah I do believe in them...what they are? I don't know...but to me it was to take me to a place I didn't want to go. I'm happy I had another chance.