From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thurs, Nov 26, 2009 9:43:34 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Dark Creature in the Alley

I ran across your site and I was surprised so many people see these things and it really creeps me out when I think to much about it.

Ok, so a friend was over at my house one night a couple of years ago, and it got really late, about 4am, when I realised I'd run out of smokes so since neither of us was tired, we decided to go to the 24 hour garage. Now I live out in the suburbs and the quickest way to this garage goes across this stream that's in its own greenbelt; it is sunken down below the level of the streets that run along either side. Up on the other side of the stream we went through this really quiet neighborhood that's intersected by these alleyways.

Anyway, we got to the garage and were heading back when I stopped to light up a smoke at the end of this alley, just before the steps that go down to the stream. As I was doing this, I looked down the alley and saw 'this shape' moving down the alley but like, hugging the wall. I thought it was a dog at first, but as it got closer, I saw it was man-shaped but hunched over, with really long arms, almost like an ape.

Now I don't get scared easy, so I just stood there looking at it and called my friend who'd walked a little way further down. As he came to the corner, this 'thing' stopped; like it'd noticed us for the first time. It's head waved from side to side like it was sniffing. I couldn't make out any texture; it was as if it was made out of darkness. I mean the alley had a couple of lights, but it was like this thing absorbed the light.

All of a sudden, it started moving towards us, really fast, and we just bolted for the steps. Like I said, I don't get scared easy but all my instincts just screamed at me to get the 'hell out of there'. We ran, almost tripping over and flying down those steps. I swear my feet must've hardly touched them. And this thing followed! We didn't look round but we could hear it coming. It chased us down the stairs and across the bridge. As we got to of the other stairs, I'm sure it was almost on us. But then this car came along the street at the top and it stopped chasing, like it didn't want to be seen. We looked round at the top and I'm sure I saw something slinking back under the bridge.

I've been in some bad situations before but I've never felt quite like that before or since. Something about it seemed to suck all the heat out of the air while it was chasing us. Both me and my friend saw it, and we're sure it was nothing natural besides, two people can't hallucinate the same thing can they?

I loved reading the shadow people stories on your site. You have my permission to put this up on your story page. I hope it helps towards getting a better idea of what these are. Not all of them seem bad from what I've heard and read, but this was definitely one of the unfriendly ones.