From: name withheld by request
The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Unique Shadow people experience
Date: 3/2/2008 3:37:51 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

Formerly Titled: Death and a Shadow Family

First off excellent site; now I know I am not crazy or was not hallucinating based on the fact that some of these stories occurred while people were sober, children, and awake.

Here I go, I hope this helps!

I have researched this matter extensively until about 2004 and could never find any good info, until I came across your site.

My experience is self inflicted as I was partying on severe amounts of blow, drinking, smoking (everything), and God knows what else. Long story short I died, according to my friends that said my heart apparently stopped for a few minutes.

I remember transferring over to a completely black place where the first thing that I could think was that I needed to learn how to survive in this new world and I knew I accidentally killed myself. I remember feeling extreme pain for my parents even though my heart stopped for just a few minutes I could feel the pain that my parents felt as if I had been dead for a long time.

I appeared as a white fuzzy light with no real distinctive outline, but kind of human shaped still, the blackness around me barely lit up from my body in a world of pure blackness. I remember a presence was felt and I was extremely scared, but the entities were far away and within a few seconds a mother, father, and two children all shadow people blacker than the black world I was currently in zipped right over to me, (no dark or red eyes, just pure black human/alien shaped entities blacker than a complete pitch black world) and started to communicate with me telepathically, and I actually remember saying to them, "My God, you speak English?"

The Father figure told me that he had no clue how I ended up in their world and he had no clue how I was able to communicate with them either (I could sense the shadow children were very scared of me). The Father shadow person told his little shadow children to look at me and remember me because they would never see one of "these" again (being me) and that he had heard rumors of things like me appearing here long ago and that I would dissappear very soon. He was talking to his family, but I could intercept their thoughts as there were no sounds here. (I know this sounds crazy!)

The Father shadow figure was right as I suddenly came out of my mini coma/death what ever it was. I have researched this subject extensively because I know this happened, but have found no exact experiences were anyone went to their world and experienced exactly what I did. I have also come across many doctors (on the net) who claim to be able to induce this feeling in people through applying electricity directly to specific parts of the brain, and I have even read of doctors who claim they can induce these "feelings" through the extreme use of specific drugs. I am very sorry to make any drug references, but it's what did it to me.

I can not explain why I was a white light in a world of darkness and why I did not have the typical lighted tunnel experience like everyone else, but I could feel that these things thought that I did not belong there and that scared the crap out of them even though I could feel that they were powerful entities, but not powerful enough to harm me. I am a firm believer in the after life as I have seen some really weird stuff when I was a small child, but I am blown away on how many people share similar experiences not being on any altered states of consciousness. I was raised Catholic and I had never heard of anything like this until it happened to me. Obviously these things are real and can appear at anytime, but I think it's extremely strange that I ended up in their world as a white light.

I am glad to answer any questions, but I would like to remain anonymous due to the fact that people that have never seen these things think I am crazy, but when I tell my story to people who have seen these things, I can see it in their eye that they know these things are real too. I have also come to the conclusion that these things are like people in the sense that are very evil ones and ones that are not so evil, but they definitely are what they are for a reason. Could these things be the souls of an entity not human, or just another entity? We might never know, but I believe that through people sharing their experiences that we can reach better conclusions on how to deal with these creatures and protect ourselves from some of these more aggresive natured ones. Thanks for creating a web site that allowed me to share my experience!