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From: anonymous
Subject: shadow person experiences and investigations
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 03:05:21 -0400
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net

Wow, shadowpeople is something that I’ve seen for a very long time since I was a child as a matter of fact. Funny thing is I never realized they were such a common thing or that so many other people had seen them till I happened upon your site. The very first times that I saw them was when I was probably 5 or 6, oddly enough they didn't frighten me then or even seem threatening, I just thought it was weird that my parents never noticed them.

As a child they always appeared in one hallway in my home that went from the living room to the laundry room, which attached to the garage. It is funny they always showed up just as a silhouette, but the silhouette appeared to be Goofy from Walt Disney (sounds crazy, but I think that they might have used this so I would not be scared, which makes me believe that they are not evil, just observers). From time to time, usually when my parents were out of the room, I would see the shadow peek around the corner and then either disappear immediately or sometimes wave then vanish. I always would ask my parents why he wouldn't come in and play, and they would just assume I was imagining it.

Through the years I would see them but never for as long and they always vanished in a blink of an eye a lot of times late at night when I had been awake too long or coming home after a party, so I thought that it was just a mind trick.

Now there is one piece of evidence that I have noticed that supports it being a mind trick, this is going to sound bad, and know that my experimenting with hard drugs is *very much* over at this point. but a group of friends and I used crystal meth for a brief period and this is a drug that keeps one from sleeping for long periods of time (think 3 and 4 days) during this time I saw shadow people every where and it seemed because of being ‘sped up’ that I could look and focus on them for a second or two before they would disappear and they were *everywhere*, but only when it was just the three of us, they didn't appear when lots of people were around.

One day one of my friends happened to mention something about all the shadow people around, and me and the other guy were kind of amazed, it turned out we had all been seeing them but until then had not mentioned it to each other. Now one thing you must understand; speed will let you come up with ideas that normally sound crazy but somehow seem perfectly reasonable, and thus we decide to investigate the shadow people by writing when where and how long we saw them, what forms they took (which in our case was either adult male, indistinct humanoid forms or sometimes small squirrel or monkey like creatures that only appeared outdoors normally in groups, but always just as silhouettes with all the forms) the crazy part of this is we did fuel our research with more speed.

Oddly enough though I mentioned this to another few people, and these guys were hardcore tweekers and all of them took the shadow people as a given, so after sobering up and swearing off that shit forever, I dismissed our research as just an affect of the drug and hallucinations from lack of sleep. I still would see them under normal circumstances, but again dismissed it as just my tired mind playing tricks and assumed that shadow people were just something known only to tweekers, like seeing Jesus or pink elephants on mushrooms. Any way again I was surprised to find your site and see so many other people have seen them and that shadow people is indeed a class of entity, so maybe someone could say if they've seen the animal form of them also, or if they’ve ever done something like taking on a non-threatening appearance....also I'm now curious if our investigation was truly just drug induced stupor or if maybe the altered states of the brain and its chemicals might just make you more receptive, like meditating before a séance?

Tweeker/Tweekers - Person or persons who regularly use methamphetamine.