Date: 4/13/2007 9:15:18 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: name withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

This story involves my middle child. She's 11 now but at the time this happened, she was 8.

Bedtime back then was like pulling teeth, it was painful. I couldn't get her to sleep to save my life. My youngest child, then was 7 and rarely had trouble getting her to sleep. Once I said "bedtime", asleep she went. But my middle child, would stay awake for hours it seemed. I'd have to make the usual threats; if you don't go to sleep, you won't get to play tomorrow, etc.

At the time, they slept in bunk beds. The youngest on the bottom. One night, I'm doing the same routine - go to sleep, you have school tomorrow, you need your sleep. It was about an hour after I'd put them to bed that she yelled for me to come in. I went in, thinking she's going to give me a bunch of excuses, always needing a drink, need to use the bathroom, I forgot to brush my teeth. This time she's had tears in her eyes. She's just giving me this pleading look. I ask what does she want. She just keeps looking at me with tears in her eyes. I finally said you know you can tell me anything and I won't get mad. She says there is someone keeping her up, that's why she cant go to sleep. Every night. I said well, your sister is asleep so you can't blame that on her. She keeps looking at me so I asked what is going on?? Being on top bunk, she scoots toward the bottom, motions me over. I go over and she whispers that the shadow is keeping her awake. She says it won't let her sleep, it's scaring her. This of course surprises me. I had seen shadows myself, full shadows of people darting here and there in my hallway mostly when I sat on my couch and would catch them moving. And always at night. So this surprised me when she tells me this.

The first thing in a mothers head is the question 'Is she making up a story so she wont have to go to sleep?' But knowing what I know and experiencing things I've experienced, that thought quickly flew out of my head. I've never said anything to the kids about seeing shadows, don't want to scare them. I've not even said anything to anyone else for fear of ridicule. Who would believe me? I know what I've seen and that was good enough but now my child is seeing these things and it's scaring the bejesus out of her. So I asked some questions like where is the shadow now?

"At the corner of my bed… at the top."

I asked, "How to you know it's there now with the light on?"

She said, "He's always there at night."

She said the bunk corner is square and that after a while, after the lights go out, it isn't square anymore, it's a person’s head, it's round and he's there watching her. I asked, ‘what did it look like?’ She said he had a round head and his head reaches right at the corner of her bed like he's standing up. I asked why she kept saying, 'he'. She said she could just tell it was a man. I asked, ‘does it say anything to you?’ ‘No, he just stares at her and scares her.’ I asked, ‘does he move?’ She said ‘sometimes he will move a little but it's always at the head of the bed, staring at her’.

She can't sleep, she's afraid and doesn't know what it is or what it wants. So I finally told her to lay down and try to sleep. I'll stand there until she falls asleep. She finally fell asleep while I stood there for the longest time.

Since I've already seen these things and know basically about them, I got very mad but I waited a little longer to see if 'he' is going to move. After a while, nothing happened and me being an impatient person, I just walk over to the bunk bed and stand and stare at the place she said it always is. The rage boiled in me. I was very angry and threatening towards this thing. I simply did what a mother does; I did it quietly, I threatened this thing and told it that whatever it was looking for was not in my daughter’s bedroom and that if it ever came here again and scared my children, I most certainly would find a way to destroy it as if it never existed. This coming from me, a mother of 3 children who doesn't want them hurt, let alone scared out of their minds to where they can't even sleep. I told it that it was the lowest life form, the scummiest thing ever existed to want to scare an 8 year old child no matter what it wanted. After many other things I said to 'it', it must have either left, or went to another room, but it's hard to tell. And I'm sure any other shadow person listening, got my message. After that happened, she's been able to sleep and sleep soundly. I've had no problems since and if I ever have any similar problems I will find a way to keep my word. There's enough bad in this world already with just the living, let alone children having problems with the non-living.

I don't know if it was the same shadow person that was in my daughter’s bedroom (and I don't think it was) but, I still see shadows moving in my hallway. However, while sitting on my couch one night, watching TV, I noticed to my right a black bulky mass, about as tall as 4 foot, standing beside me. I noticed it basically just standing there and it startled me at first but as soon as I tried to get a full view, it was gone. Just recently something else happened to me personally, in my bedroom but it doesn't involve a shadow person, because what I seen was full view and not a shadow. I could describe the clothing, the face, everything. He was as solid as you or me. It seemed to be a man but whatever it was stood by my bed and just stared at me, then when I screamed, it was gone. This happened a few nights ago but I think that is another story on a totally different subject. And that Did scare the hell out of me. In any case, I'll just keep my eyes peeled and mind open and deal with things as they come.

You can publish this story, but please withhold my address.

Thank you.