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This experience did not directly happen to me but to my father. I was moving away and he was driving me and my belongings to Vancouver the next day. My bedroom is directly above his so I often hear him snoring at night. It was about 3 am and as I laid there tossing and turning, I heard him talking but thought nothing of it at the time. I figured one of the cats must have snuck in the house before bed (they are outside cats).

The next morning, I got up early to pack the truck and make some breakfast. When I came down stairs and starting making a bit of noise, my dad opened his bedroom door and poked his head out. His eyes were blood shot and he seemed 'off'. He called my name like he wasn't sure if it was me and when i responded, he said he would be right out. I went up to my room, which was the loft, and started getting boxes ready to bring down. He came to the bottom of the stairs and called my name, said he needed to tell me something.

When I came down, he looked really shook up and said he didn't get much sleep. You have to understand that as a kid, my dad was the skeptic and never believed in the supernatural! AT ALL! This was weird!

He told me that as he laid in bed sleeping, he was suddenly woken up by something crawling up the end of the bed, up his legs and finally to his chest. It held his arms on his chest where he had had them resting and would not let go. He said it was heavy and putting pressure on him. And the grip only was getting tighter. He said he couldn't see anything; it was dark in his room as he has heavy black curtains. He said aloud as he laid there, "Let me go!" And it got tighter. Again and louder, he said, "Let me go!" The third time he said it, whatever 'it' was, let go and there was no more pressure and so he jumped up and turned on the lights... and nothing! There wasn't anything in the room. He said he didn't sleep the rest of the night and wasn't going to tell me. But he did tell me because he didn't know what it was and was afraid. I told him what I though it was...a shadow person. I had heard stories of them before and that was what came to mind. He told me not to tell his story for fear of ridicule.

I talked with my younger brother about it, who was not home when this occurred, and he had said that he too had had an experience with the shadow. He said that when he had a sleep over with our cousins, that one of them had seen a shadow moving around in the corners of the room along the ceiling and wanted to wake up my brother but was too scared to move so he just laid there petrified. My brother said he, too, had seen it one night in the corner of his room which is directly beside my dad’s room.

I'm sharing this story with you so that perhaps it can further help someone’s research in some way or another.