Subject: My Shadow
Date: 7/5/2007 12:10:33 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Jay celtmoon

My encounters with all things inhuman and unworldly have occurred over my entire lifespan, and for over ten years I have been plagued especially by spirits, apparitions and shadows of all shapes and sizes; my ancestors have been touched by some bloody weird things, the line of my people have been plagued by all sorts.

I am no exception with regards sensitivity and sightings, and my account with Shadow People, or, in this instance, a Shadow Person, began two and a half years ago, in 2005.

In March 2005, my partner and I moved into a two hundred year old tin miner’s cottage (a cottage that is 200 hundred years old, not a miner of that age, lol), so the place already had its history well written into the walls. The cottage was lovely, and had a great feeling about it; there were fields all around, and cows, and sheep, and farmers and everything countrified’. We loved it. But after moving into the cottage, I began to pick up on something ever so slight, but still noticeable, and growing more intense with each day. Not forgetting that when we moved into the cottage, everything was nice and positive; slowly, the atmosphere began to lose any happy feelings, turning negative over the twelve months we lived there.

Our health began deteriorating, and it felt as though something was sapping our energies. We put everything down to depression, although we couldn’t explain why we should feel depressed, or if we were depressed at all, but, nonetheless, our health was getting unexplainably worse.

My diabetes, whilst not ever at the best of expected levels, became so bad that I was just constantly ill, and I could never do anything that would help correct my blood sugar levels, insulin usage, painful neuropathy, retinopathy, etc. Eventually, nothing would work to correct my health, but I put all this down to my management, and went off to the local doctor’s surgery to get help, which I did. But, as soon as I got help for myself, my partner took the worst turn I have ever witnessed anyone take.

It was New Year’s Eve, 2005, and my partner became so psychologically low that she wanted to just end her life there and then. We stayed up all night trying to stop her feelings, and I was just trying my best to help her, as anyone would do the same. Now, where does this all have anything to do with Shadow People? Well…

The bad points in our health were the climax for us both, and up to, and including, that point I had been sensing something negative, and witnessing a Shadow like feature in rooms that would move if I turned my immediate attention toward it. I realised that I could watch the Shadow from the corner of my eye, but because of this, I thought that perhaps I had an overactive imagination. Toward the climax of my partner’s health, I had also noticed that whenever the Shadow was around, or the negative sense, so would occur terrific arguments, horrible thoughts of death and destruction, feelings of hate, or our health would deteriorate.

It was not until six months ago, when someone mentioned vampires and energy vampires, that I remembered some text I had read sometime before, that told of a type of being that appear to us as Shadows, and which sap our energies for food; the more negative our energy, the more the energy vampire will thrive; the vampire will create a negative atmosphere, causing us to be negative, and, thereby, creating a negative food source for itself. This, I believe, is what was happening at the cottage.

Although, I have had diabetes for twenty eight years, and cannot agree less that diabetes is a very controllable condition, I still feel that my health deteriorated due to negativity created by that Shadow. Yes, I am aware that that phase of my health can be easily explained, by others, as a product of my diabetes condition, but surely, you are aware that everyone knows the performance of their own body and health. I know my health went stupid because of something external to me, not a product of years of diabetes.

Anyway, mine may be a pathetic one, but the explanation that I can give myself does not even meet that which my partner went through; she had it the worst. My partner is a very kind and sensitive person, and would do absolutely anything to help anyone, takes great pleasure in being alive, is very interested in other living things, is enthusiastic for adventure and discovery, loves to learn, loves being around people and is just generally very happy, as anyone should be.

When the bad thing happened on New Year’s Eve, 2005, it came on suddenly. It was as though there had been a slow build up of negativity around, then rapidly increased to such a point that, if seen on a graph, would show as a sharp rising curve - I’m sure you’ve seen them.

Everything changed when we moved from the cottage, I even told the Shadow not to follow us, to stay and bother the next lot to move there. I don’t think it worked though.

When we moved into this place, again, everything felt great with a wonderful atmosphere, all the usual expectations of a new house. However, for the past nine months I’ve been seeing little Shadows again, and at first I thought we had an infestation of mice or rats, or something similar. So, for nights on end, I would sit silently and still waiting for the thing’to appear and move, then I would chase it around the room, but I never found a little mammal. I’ve never found any droppings, or food stashes of little mammals; in fact, no evidence of any infestation whatsoever.

I remember at the cottage I would see features in the stone walls that would not be there moments before, but would definitely take the shape of a face, very evil in appearance, whenever the Shadow had moved in that direction. This is what I can see now.

I am not scared by the Shadow, or its evil face feature in the stone wall at this house, but it does annoy me by being there. To be honest, these Shadows really annoy me to the full, because I certainly feel that they know I can see and feel their presence, yet all they do is sneak about. But on the same hand, this must surely be another way for them to feed off me. Surely, I am just creating my own negative thoughts, and, therefore, they are feeding from that negative energy.

Recently, there have been some points of bad negativity, but nothing as bad as what used to happen. There has even been electricity cutting out, and electrical equipment breaking, light bulbs blowing as soon as they’ve been replaced with new ones, etc.

On several occasions I have been harmed by this Shadow; in the cottage, I was tripped up on the stairs and push down them - I could feel the pressure of something at my shins, and then pressure pushing at my back. I fell down the stairs, and broke a toe; it may seem trivial, but this was all when everything was at a climax, when I thought it was at its worst; I cannot help, but imagine what would have been happening should we have stayed at that cottage.

Some things that have happened here, in our current house, are when I was cut with a sharp knife, and then it going missing; a three dimensional man shaped shadow like apparition looking at me; rapidly moving small shadows zipping around the room; tall and slow moving shadows taking their time, as though they are teasing; hearing noises, like tapping and people walking around, and hearing movement in the attic; sensing something behind us when we are alone; hearing my partner shout my name, and she hearing me shout to her; sudden and unexplained excruciating pains; seeing objects move of their own accord; objects being moved somewhere else when we turn back to them; and every other bloody odd thing you could care to mention that’s odd.

Almost everything that has happened in this house has been witnessed by someone else, at one time or another; some of my family have witnessed things that I have not, etc.

I decided to write to you because I had been researching some writing that I want to do, and came across the Shadow People org website. The 'email us' link was like a flashing red button that says 'do not push!'

I can’t see an immediate end to this creature, so it continues.

spooksmallFor the feature that I can see in my stone wall, I will attempt to draw it for you.

I hope I haven't bored you senseless,


Editor's Note

I am often asked what procedures can be used to rid a household of shadow people since so many 'real' people are witness to negative ones. I've kept my eyes and ears opened for suggestions. Read J's update below on happenings after moving the household from a cottage to a flat and what methods were determined to lessen the impact of shadowy doings.

I am writing this as an update on my encounters with a shadow being; the shadow story this relates to is Haunted Cottage (current page).

My story, in brief, told of how my partner and I had moved into a tin miner’s cottage, in Cornwall, UK. The cottage was a very nice countrified place, two hundred years old and steeped in as much history as two hundred years can supply, surrounded by countryside and animals and with a sense of new beginnings.

When we first moved into the Cornish cottage, there was no negative atmosphere to be sensed, but as time moved on, through the twelve months that we were there, things gradually turned negative. Until a climax of negativity on New Years Eve 2005, you could feel the atmosphere growing more and more solid; when we moved away from the cottage in 2006, to a new flat, no more than one mile away, we thought that the negativity would be left behind. However, after some months of living in the new flat, odd things began happening again.

Basically, everything that happened in the cottage is happening in the new flat.

I don’t get worried, or fearful of ghosts, spirits or apparitions any longer, but they do annoy me; I really don’t see why I should allow them the same space that I live in, when all they do is cheap little tricks (like moving important things, making tapping noises, touching me, annoying me, etc.)

In the time that I have lived in the new flat (I say new, but it’s been about eighteen months since my partner and I moved into this place), I have been trying to discover ways to stop the shadow entity from bothering me and my partner. I believe I have discovered a way that interferes with the shadow entity to the point where it is effected a great deal; in this, I mean what I have done appears to inhibit the actions that the shadow may do, and, although, my methods are not something that can prove, or disprove, the existence or subsequent effects of a shadow entity, only time may tell what effects, if any, my methods have done with the shadow entity. I can still see the shadow in places and I don’t know if it has been weakened any.

The shadow that interferes with my life tends to manifest in one corner of my lounge, before it then moves around the flat causing havoc, or just mithering and annoying me. So in this area, I have placed three items: a bushel of sweetgrass, a bunch of desert sage and a feather that I use as a wand for smudging. At first, after placing the three items, the potency of the shadow’s effects seemed to lessen somewhat, and after much theorising on things that may further lessen the effects of the shadow entity, I have settled for changing my lighting.

The sweetgrass, desert sage, and feather are the objects used for cleansing, or smudging; a native American ritual commonly used by non-natives for attracting would-be buyers to their saleable houses. Check some internet search engines for ‘Smudging, but pay particular attention to the reasons for using each specific smudging item, and their effects, instead of reading on how to sell your house (there will be a lot of pale-face interpretations, and, unfortunately, you will have to sift through the bull to get to the truth, so-to-speak).

As I say, none of what I have done can prove, or disprove the existence of my shadow entity, and perhaps what I have done is psychosomatic to some degree, but nonetheless, what I have done seems to have lessened the effects I experience; only time may tell more results.

The change of lighting in my lounge and bedroom, seems to have made some effect on the shadow entity, and my reason for changing the lighting is based on my thoughts of how shadows can manifest themselves. I believe that all sorts of paranormal entities must have access to certain energies, one of these being a low coloured light source, and it is this light source that I need to explain for you to understand how changing your lights may interfere with the effects of a shadow entity.

Light is measured as colour temperature, for which the Kelvin scale is used. There are two extremes of the colour scale, aptly named the colour temperature scale, which range from 2000k (zero Kelvin) and lower up to, and beyond, 10000k (ten thousand Kelvin). Certain intervals along the colour temperature scale are what is used to explain light colours of everyday encounters in the physics world. For example, natural daylight is found in the region of 5400k to 6400k , and beyond, whereas, standard electrical light bulbs are found to produce light around the 2500k point.

On the colour temperature scale, lower colour temperatures (ie, 2500k) produce a reddish, or amber, colour, and higher colour temperatures (ie, 6400k) produce a bluish tinted light. It is in the lower (2500k) ranges of light that I believe the shadow entities can easily manifest themselves. I cannot explain my reasons for this, only that my shadow entity doesn’t appear during daylight, therefore, I theorised that the opposite, or lack of daylight may be one of the things the shadow thrives on. Ergo: change lighting to daylight effects, and see what happens.

Needless to say that I have replaced the electrical light bulbs in my lounge, where the shadow entity manifests itself, with (6400k) daylight bulbs. The new light bulbs are a bit pricey, but for how things have changed, I think they have already paid for themselves.

I have often wondered if I have some kind of portal in my lounge, that allows the shadow entity to move from its world to mine with ease, and I think the changes I have made in this area have affected, or disrupted, the portal somewhat; hence, effecting the shadow entity.

I am no expert, but after being annoyed by a shadow for so long, I had begun searching for things that would do to it what it has been doing to me‘.

Much of what happens in the paranormal world cannot be explained in the scientific world, and I firmly believe that science, as we know it today, will always be unable to provide an explanation for the events and happenings of anything paranormal. To be honest, it seems everything that happens in the paranormal world cannot be explained in the scientific world.

The problem that the science world has with explaining paranormal activity is that there is, or appears to be, no substance for analysis to begin with (ie, no solid matter; evidence is usually retrospective eye-witness accounts; any scientific measurements that are possible are usually accounted for in a number of ways - either directly related, or unrelated, to the event). In general, science will readily explain away any supposed evidence of paranormal activity.

However, time and effort is wasted trying to prove an existence of anything paranormal; unless there is some paranormal evidence that cannot be easily explained away by the scientific world, scientific explanations may state that the evidence is flawed and cannot be relied upon, or may have been reported by an unstable personality (eg, schizophrenic), or even, may be explained away by normal physics (magnetic pulses produced by electrical wires, etc.)

I feel that many of the paranormal experiences that may be threatening to those who encounter them must be dealt with immediately, and without wasting time in trying to explain them by scientific methods. I also feel that today’s religious bodies (the local priest, etc.) tend to play down the possibility of ghosts, apparitions and negative entities, as though the witness should seek medical advice, instead of reaching out for help from the religious community; how many exorcisms have been reported this century?

It is obvious that many of the paranormal occurrences in today’s world are either explained away as something that happens to people needing psychological attention, or one of those ‘odd things’ that happen every now-and-then and should be left alone. None of these help the witness, or sufferer, and the only communication left is that of the internet, or close paranormal circles, both of which are looked upon as weird.

Thus, the problem is that paranormal is still a taboo subject in many communities, even though paranormal activity is evident and growing more intense with each day.

Anyway, there’s no guarantee my methods will work with your entities, but I hope they may help.