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Subject: A contribution to Shadow sightings

This is an interesting site, and I have something to contribute as well. This is taken off of my own page found here at Vampire and Freaks

Some of the references in the story might not make sense as I am referring to different phenomena already covered in earlier "cells" in the link. Though those details do not affect the actual sightings that I explain here. Shadow-Creatures Sightings were a very common thing for my friends and I as we had so many encounters all over that area. I really don't know how many people saw them, or simply didn't mention them, but it became for the most part routine for us.

There was a specific group that we would refer to and called them either Shadow People or Shadow Animals respectively, depending on what form it was that we had witnessed. For 2-3 years almost every time we were out walking, we would catch a glimpse of one of these. They always had a very dark form, which is where we derived the term Shadow from. If it was night when we saw them, they were literally darker than the night around them, so that the night would give them a silhouette and they would stand out against it. I don't remember ever seeing a Shadow Person up close, each one of these sightings they always seemed to be standing at the far end of the road from us, just watching, and when we got near their location they simply wouldn't be there. If we turned around, we would often see them standing on the other side of the road from where we just came, watching us.

I also don't remember ever seeing one alone. Whenever we saw one of these they were always in groups of at least three or more. Sometimes a strange feeling would come from them which I could probably equate to the emotion of just seeing them. That bit of uneasiness would simply make us more alert to the air around us.

The Shadows that came in the shape of animals however were another story. We saw many of these closer then we wanted to. They were much closer when they appeared, many shooting past us as we were walking like we had either startled one, or it intended to startle us. They never did stand still so we couldn't exactly exam them and I don't know how physical they were. They seemed pretty solid when you saw them, but many didn't seem to need to actually run along the ground. I'm sure they didn't have to dart between bushes or anything.

There are three instances that stand out in mind involving these. One was from one of these creatures that used to change the feeling in an area it would reside in. I never saw it, but the friend that was with me at the Void said he saw it once in the shape of a horse. So we just called it the Shadow Horse whenever we felt it. It wasn't a malevolent feeling, but it wasn't friendly either, so I don't really know how to describe it. There was only a mile stretch or so that you could feel it, and it wasn't always there when you walked through it, but you didn't mistake it when you walked into its territory.

The next instance was an occurrence that happened with me and a group of friends driving off of the interstate on our way home. As we reached the stop sign on the exit ramp and rolled to a stop we rolled right into a swarm of birds. They were flying everywhere, all around the car, and there were a lot of them. Everyone in the car could see them and they knew just by looking at them that they weren't really birds. I can't remember who was with me then, but only one of them in the car was accustomed to seeing things like that and it freaked out the other two pretty bad. The show didn't last too long, but much longer then what these sightings usually lasted. I'd say we sat in the swarm of birds for 2-3 minutes before we either couldn't see them anymore or drove out of them.

There were also countless instances involving Shadow Cats, we saw these things everywhere. Many times they would simply appear right in front of us and walk along in front of us with everyone watching it. You'd just look up and it would be there, in the middle of the road, in a house, wherever we were in the area, these things would appear. They seemed to be more attracted to my friend, the one who also witnessed The Void, then anyone else. He saw them appear many times in his own home and always appeared curious about what he was doing. They looked, and acted like any normal cat you would come across in that they appeared confident and curious. I don't remember seeing their eyes at all, but they never got so close that you could have touched them either.

I've heard of Shadow Creatures before, but haven't actively pursued trying to figure them out. In the time I was developing my practice, it was just one of the amusing things that kept me in that crazy mind state in which I spent five years of my life. When I was much younger, probably in the range of 8-9 years of age, I believe I did see one of these, one time before the Void. The occurrence happened in a house in which I had spent a portion of my childhood where my brother and I had rooms in the basement. He had the worst of it as his room used to be an exercise room. It was larger, but one wall was nothing but mirrors. That would have freaked the hell out of me while trying to sleep in there while growing up. The nightlight he used to have in there wouldn't have made it any better, so I don't envy him.

One night he came running into my room crying and saying he had woken up and saw a large black form standing at his door before running through his room and disappearing into the boxes that sat in the back. The basement used to freak me out anyway, and I figured it had to be that paranoia that had made him see what he did. I convinced him he had imagined it and to go back to bed. It wasn't until several weeks later that I was walking toward the stairs when I also saw a large shadow run in front of my path and disappear into the rest of the darkness in the basement. I was alone down there and it scared the hell out of me. I believed that my brother had also seen it from that point on. Those were the only times that I recall us ever coming across it, and I don't think anyone else in the house had seen it either. I remember my mom telling me one time that she had just spent the last hour talking to my dead grandma in her rocker upstairs, but she never mentioned the shadow and neither did my sisters. In truth I don't know what my mom was talking to that day, given the fact that I've never encountered a soul returning from death at any point in my practice, though that isn't as important to this cell.

I give you this story to post so long as it comes assigned with Trek Mauer as the author. Many thanks for the reads, I look forward to going through the experiences of others to compare with my own.

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