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Subject: Shadowy lurker in my tree house.

My first memory of what I think were "shadow people" was when i was 10-11 and my family had moved into a 2 story home and it was about a mile in any direction to another house. It was a former farm house with an acre of corn to the side of it and a tree house about 20 ft off the ground in the back outside the kitchen.

I remember the first day I saw it. I was so excited about the tree house but my mother told me I couldn't climb up in it, she was afraid I would break something. So of course, typical kid thought, I told her yes, but with every intention of sneaking into it once she wasn't looking.

I remember the second day my father had left to move more of our things to the new house and my mother was unpacking so I knew it was the perfect time. I went out "to play" and ran around excited to the tree but I realized that someone was in the darkness of the tree house watching me and as I approached they moved back farther into the house so I could only see their solid white eyes peering at me. I froze as I realized that it wasn't cloudy or dark and that I could see out the back window of the tree house. I felt nauseous as I realize that the adult sized lurker wasn't hiding in shadows but was shadow/ghost/alien/devil. I screamed for my mother and only looked away as she ran out the kitchen door. I made eye contact with her and then pointed up the tree house to nothing, it was gone! I spun around looking in all directions while bumbling out what I had seen. She grabbed me and hurried around to the front of the house where my dad was pulling up and told him to go look. Of course, they never saw anything, my dad decided it was a homeless man and tore the tree house down a few days later.

They both eventually decided I was seeing things but I never went outside at night at that house. And most times if I was outside playing, I avoided being within sight of the tree because I always felt like I was being watched. I never felt like whatever it was had left the tree, I felt like it blamed me for the tree house being gone and wanted to punish me. At night, I would curl into a fetal position, because I would always wake up and feel like something was standing behind me waiting for me to wake up! Thankfully, we moved from the house after 6 months, but I swear when we left the house and were driving away I saw it watching from the living room window as we drove away.

I am giving permission to have my story uploaded to the Official Shadow People Archive.

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