From: Andrew
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:59:38 PM
Subject: Shadow People Encounter

Hi Susan,

I recently got back from a trip to Mexico and I had my first paranormal/ghost experience. I googled the net to look for a place to share my story, and your website came up.

My trip was from January 9 – 16th. We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Coba resort. Our room number was 32832 of block 28B. The first night of my stay, I had what I can confidently say was my first paranormal experience. I had arrived from the airport on the 9th, and spent the afternoon exploring the resort and had had supper/drinks (I am a gin and soda kind of guy). I went to bed around 11pm and had woken up around 2:30am having the urge to go to the bathroom. I laid in bed contemplating whether or not I could hold my pee and go back to sleep or if I should get up and go to the washroom and risk waking up my friend in the bed beside me.

I was laying on my right side in my bed, with sheets covering my body but with my face out from the covers. While trying to make a decision, I opened my eyes and glanced in the in the direction of the bed that my friend slept in. My friend was lightly snoring. It was at that moment that I noticed him standing up, beside his bed (not the side closest to me) draped under sheets, slightly swaying from side to side. I thought to myself, “Oh great, my friend is a sleepwalker at night. This is creepy. He’s totally creeping me out. I wonder what I should do?”. I then looked down toward the bed itself and realized that my friend was, in fact, laying down sleeping as normal - his lump in the sheets indicated that he was in fact lying down, not standing up. My mind raced trying to figure out what the hell was above him. I had then realized I was seeing a ghost. My body was drained of warmth as the chills and fear set in. I remember straining my eyes to make sure that I was actually seeing a ghost and that it was not just my imagination. While focusing my eyes, I then became aware of a second ghost hovering above my friend, to the left of the standing ghost. This second ghost was cloaked and hovering over my friend’s feet at the end of the bed. I then began to strain at this second ghost trying to make sure that I wasn’t “seeing things”; in a matter of seconds, this ghost then rotated to face me; it had no eyes, but just a pitch black head cloaked – it appeared like a monk or a Ring Wraith from The Lord of the Rings. It was the turning of its head to my direction that made me realize I should say something to make them leave. I jumped out of my bed onto my two feet and shouted, “Get out! You don’t belong here!”. I then asked my friend if he was awake and he said, ‘Yes’, to which I asked, “Can you turn on the light please?” He did so right away (he was calm and wasn’t startled). With the light on, there was nothing above or beside his bed to be seen. He is a skeptic and doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but I know what I saw. I’ve since done some research online and I realized that others have had similar experiences and that they are called ‘Shadow People’.

The second ghost had a pitch black face and I would describe as looking like a monk/Dementor look from Harry Potter; or Wraith like in Lord of the Rings. It was short and just hovering above the lower part of my friends bed. Its cloak was a dark brown robe with a face that was noticeably blackened out, contrasting against the brown hood. The first ghost that was taller, I’d say 6 feet, and was just standing draped under a sheet. Both shadows had a slow back and forth sway to them. When I jumped out of bed I don’t recall what happened to the ghosts – from the time of jumping out of bed to my friend turning on the light had to have been no more than 10 seconds. I didn’t see anything from the point of having jumped out of bed. I feel like in order to see them I had to really focus. The movement of jumping out of bed had caused me to lose sight of them.

I was terrified. I felt like I had no warm blood in my body - just chills from the adrenaline rush. It was a negative feeling seeing the two figures above and beside my friends bed. The way they were moving back and forth in a swaying motion made me feel like they were doing some sort of enchantment/ritual above my friend. My friend did not notice or feel anything out of the ordinary. He did say that all he heard was me muttering gibberish just prior to waking up; which is no surprise as it was my shouting that woke him up; he wouldn’t have heard what I said when sleeping.

I had a hard time falling back asleep. I had asked my friend if we could leave a light on in the room for the next couple of nights. I put my ear phones in after having gone to the washroom and tried listening to positive music and cultivating uplifting happy thoughts. For the remainder of my stay, I refused to open my eyes during the course of the night for fear that I would see them again. The hotel room itself was poorly ventilated, and was always cool and borderline damp/musty. I didn’t have good feelings walking into the room throughout the course of my stay as I kept getting the chills just thinking about what happened that first night.

You are welcome to use this story in any way. I have included a sketch of what I saw. You are welcome to contact me for further information.