From: Molly
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:28:29 PM
Subject: The Man In The White Cloak/Hood. A shadow creature experience

Dear Shadow People Archive

My name is Molly and I live in England. This is my first time on your site and I have had many experiences with shadow people throughout my life however, I have not had a clue who or what they were. So just put it down to the trick of the eye. Until I wandered onto this site though a “dream meaning” web page as it was recommended though the comment section. So I thought I may as well check it out as the experience that the person was explaining was similar. I am not sure if this “thing” is a shadow creature or if it is some kind of ghost/spirit as he is different from the rest that I have seen were just plain black. I have had a look on the website and am guessing that I was in a sleep paralysis.

It was the night of the 9th of April 2016 so quite recent. It was the day before my 14th birthday and I was having quite a restless sleep. I think it was about 4ish in the morning as there was some light coming though my curtains but not enough to lighten up my whole room yet, just the first 1/3. All I remember at first is that I must have gone to sleep and then woken up again however my eyes were looking at the floor and my body was laying on its back with my arms laying by each side of my torso. When I awoke, I realise that there was this shadowed white thing in the corner of my eye. I remember thinking that I had nothing of the sort place in my bedroom. So slowly moved my eyes up. As I was moving my eyes, I slowly realised that it the white thing was some sort of man dressed up in a White cloak. He was about 5.9ft ish. I could see every wrinkle and bump on it his cloak. From his hood to the floor, these type of wavy strips of cloth hung down each side of his torso. This was yet again white. On his right arm, (from my perspective) it had a red cross on it with a thin black line around it. The 4 points of the cross were bowed in. I am not religious in any way, however this cross reminded me of a Christian cross with the bottom piece outstretched. Also, on the cloak there were buttons all the way down until about 30cm away from the floor and there were these kinds of whips or grey particles coming off him. I could not tell if he was standing on the ground. Or just floating, however, this figure was still as anything. Like a white statue. I could not see all of his face. The top part was as black as a shadow while his nose and mouth were shaded with grey but his face had not a wrinkly on it (well on the part I could see). Sadly, I don’t remember his expression but I think it was just plain. I did not recognise this person at all.

At this time, I felt a tiny bit scared as the figure was just standing there still, however I also felt a bit intrigued on why he was standing in the centre of my floor and in my room. About 2 seconds after, I decided to move my eyes away from this figure to get up but my body was in a paralysed state. It took me a great deal of mind power to move my head from leaning on the pillow to looking upwords, where it then turned to black and my head was at point ‘A’ again. Looking towards it. His movement had not changed and I remember thinking. “Oh great I’m going to die before my 14th birthday”. As I was getting more scared by the unmoving figure. I tried to move my arms and yet they just laid still. I did the same thing again with managing to get my head to look towards my celling but then instantly going into darkness. Then going back to point ‘A’ yet again.

This time the shadow creature had moved much closer and had his drapes rested against my side of the bars of my bed. (My bed is a not a bunk bed but is half way between a normal bed and one) At this point I was terrified. I could not see his face and I think he was leaning over me. As much as he could. I remember trying to move again, but not being able to at all. This is when it went black.

I remember waking up and siting up. I looked around and he had vanished. I don’t remember what time it was but 4:32 sticks in my mind. At this point I just put it down to a weird dream and even quickly written about it in my dream journal in the morning.