From: Brian
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Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 2:56:13 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: my story

I was 14 or 15 at the time; I remember that I was too old to be playing with toys but I still did at this time have a Luke Skywalker tied and hanging from a grappling hook. At the time, really wanted to have telekinesis, so I remember sitting there staring at this toy for hours before bed trying to move it. Although it seemed to move, I was never completely sure. (This part does have a point that I’ll get to a little later, as does the part that my house, when it is late, is very silent due to my mom being a light sleeper.) After trying to move the toy, I decided it was time to sleep.

I awoke some time later to a deafening silence and three figures standing over my bed. Its hard to describe how I saw them it’s my room was dark but there were darker than my almost pitch black room. They were hooded and I don't really remember the eyes so I don’t think they had visible ones, as I would remember if they glowed.

Terrified, I tried to move but found I was unable to at all. At that time, I was coming to my own conclusions about religion and defining my beliefs. I was unable to even speak but I fought to make the sounds of the Lord’s Prayer; three times I said this being able to move more and more and be louder and louder until I was free. At that time, I tried to attack them but they dispersed in to the night like a cloud does after a long time. I shot up, ran for the light switch, and moved my room around, knocking over a chair and ripping some note paper. In case I fell back asleep, I would be able to tell if it was a dream or not.

I managed to sleep at some point during the night and when I awoke, I found the torn paper and the knocked over chair. I was almost as scared then as I was when I saw the "things" in my room because it hit me that it was real. I tried to tell my mother what happen but she dismissed it as a dream. I know it was not a dream because of places like this where I now submit my story, although I never knew of them before it happen. In fact, I continued to live my life normal until I heard a podcast that reminded me of this and found it's almost common.

I believe what made them go after me was that I awoke some thing in me trying to move that toy and made them seek me out. I also believe that prayer did not save me that night, although faith did help. Now I believe what saved me that night was, in fact, the noise I made. In Buddhist beliefs, ringing a bell makes bad spirits go away and in some Japanese cultures, you may here that laughing hard and loud will also scare them away. Wind chimes are said to ward off evil as well as small bells in pagan and Wiccan religions. Looking at what "demons" and "evil spirits" are can't a lot of them be attributed to this same description as our shadow person? And does not loud sound seem to be a common way to get rid of evil? Maybe our ancestors knew more about the spiritual realm then we realize and, I think more than us.