From: Stephen
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 2:45:26 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Another Shadow Person Encounter

Hi, my name's Stephen and you can share my name and email if you like.

Mine started in childhood, but these things are weird with me. They seem to worship me in a funny way, or at least guard me and never get hostile. When I was five, our pet dog died. The same night, my brothers remember seeing a ghost at the top of the stairs with Tanya (our dog), now they say specifically ‘a ghost.’ Our dog, according to my dad, went right through him, up and out. The next morning they told me. I can't even remember them telling me it all happened, but I KNOW it was the same night, maybe I've regressed it. Anyway, the weird thing is, I didn't hear any screaming when clearly I should have. It might have something to do with this...

I woke up for no reason (and I was awake) and remember seeing this hooded black figure (now the room is black ANYWAY, so how I could tell more black from what I thought pitch black I don't know). Anyway, I could see no face or hands or anything, even though I could distinguish a human like figure and it was only about 5ft and right next to my bed. It was real black, the only way I can describe this is imagine a black figure in a bright room, now imagine that, the black figure still stands out in the dark as equally as much as if in a bright room. I could not see eyes though. I thought it was death, but this is the weird thing... It reached out its hand as to shake mine but waited for my response. I did so and shook its hand, when I shook it I can't remember anything but I KNOW I was awake, the memory of it is vivid which you would not expect for a child that age. My brothers and father tried to ignore what I was describing but were perplexed as to why I was completely unaware of what was going off outside my room, even though my room was only about 10 ft away in the corridor upstairs from the top of the stairs where my brothers saw their ghost.

Also in dreams it’s been there, and always grabbed my hand and/or watching me when I'm in danger or afraid. One time I have been attacked at my door in my dream and it has come forward and helped me on my feet. Another time it is at the top of the stairs. Imagine G-man in Half Life 2, this shadow person is like that in my dreams, always out of place with them...

Here is another weird thing is once when I was 14 years old I had sleep paralysis and woke myself up from a nightmare (which I had gotten used to since my nightmares were common place) and saw another one next to my TV about 3 metres away (5ft tall). It was really black, but I can't remember this one being totally black but it was hooded and it was complete, no mist or anything. I shut my eyes and suddenly my paralysis wore off and it was gone quite literally in the blink of an eye.

I've not seen any since that at 14 years old (21 now) yet I do see shadows and like black mist at night sometimes in my room, sometimes I see black figures out of the darkness but dismiss them as retina burns on my eyes... I feel I'm being watched and get a sick feeling in my throat and feel weird in general when they're about, I feel foreboding. I feel there’s a bloody convention of them too. I know they're there and feel them, I feel the odd shrill come over me, a dark feeling of emptiness and then my hairs stand on end. I often wake in the night wide awake knowing there is one behind me watching me; I just know it’s him. I've told them to never show themselves to me AT ALL, without prior information to do so.

I hear noises a lot too, they seem to be active. One night for instance I heard the door going in my house, I checked it out and I hear like what seems to be footsteps on carpet (well shuffling off the carpet at half second intervals). What gets me is how they can interact with the world like we can when ghosts can't. I often hear the odd whisper now and again and always hear shuffling ALL the time at all times of night. I just ignore it and put it to the back of my mind. I have never seen one in daylight though since the sleep paralysis, but I feel them most of the time. I may twitch at random sometimes and see one out of the corner of my eye.

For some reason when you think of them they get more receptive to you and seem to crowd around me. In fact, as I'm writing this it happened today the day I am writing this...

My brothers cats came in and they are always for some reason on edge with me, they rub their hormones on the furniture like cats do to feel more at home by leaving their scent, yet all of a sudden today one stopped dead what they were doing and stared at the kitchen and you can tell when cats are scared, he just froze. I called him to me (his name is TJ) and he looked at me and then back, and then ran past me, I thought nothing of it and then I started feeling anxious and felt foreboding myself. I then saw one of the cats run past me in the living room from the kitchen to the bedroom, I heard some kind of noises which I thought were by the cat, but the cat was running past. I'm usually the one to scare them for some weird reason and they always approach me with caution or when passing me, ALWAYS, but he didn't even care I was there and wanted to get away. The second I opened the window to let the second cat come in, the first one legged it so fast he made me jump and they're always eager to leave but today they were shaking and on edge and I've felt really off it today. Right now I feel one in the kitchen to my right and one in my bedroom to my left, but they can see me through the wall somehow, I don't know how I just feel it.

I don't see why they like shaking my hand though... or following me around and not showing themselves to me when plenty of other people see them...

Oh one last thing, the feeling that you KNOW they're around, and you know they're watching you and are waiting to go around the corner and to see one. I always had nightmares as a child seeing 'eyes', and just recently that came back to me. This among all the weird stuff that has happened to me and my family in time, I think nothing of it, but I know there’s more going on here than meets the... eye. Now my younger sister has told me she has seen one too enter her room, a black hooded figure. Yet when I tell my dad in front of her, she denies it and will only tell me, which is really strange because she loves attention. I live alone and my family split up a while ago.