From: anonymous
Subject: Shadow Person Story
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 03:13:19 -0700 (PDT)

I first heard about shadow people on the Art Bell show. It horrified me beyond belief to hear that I hadn't imagined the story I'm about to tell. Somehow I had decided it wasn't really real, but having read some other stories and seen some drawings that people have made, I have no doubt in my mind that other people see them too.

I was about nine or ten years old. For a short period (a half a year at the most) I shared a room with my older brother. I was always very afraid of the dark and always had this feeling like there were creature lurking around my house at night. (Horror movies like Poltergeist, where the clown comes out from under the bed scared the living hell out of me.)

When I had my own room, I would always sleep with a light on so that everything in the room what lit somewhat, but when we shared a bedroom, my brother would not tolerate it at all, preferring to sleep in the dark. (My parents sided with him because sleeping in the dark is the "normal" thing to do.) Needless to say, my brother always went to sleep before I did.

And one night I saw people come floating out of my closet. They looked short from the angle I saw them from. (I was in my bed looking up at them.) They looked like they were in very full cloaks that covered their head and face completely, kind of like the Jawas from Star Wars, but there were no eyes peeking out. They were a very faint, dark blue color. (VERY faint.) They carried pitchers in their right hands, and they came out of the closet in single file, just floating through the door without opening it. They carried their pitcher over my brothers bed, so that they were floating over him, and then they'd pour it out on his head. (But nothing came out... it looked like they were pouring empty pitchers.) After doing this, they would float back into the closet. I don't know how many of them there were, but I'd never see more than three at a time.

The reason I they first caught my attention was because the window (the only source of light) was a backdrop for part of their path, so I could make them out better there. When I first saw them, I couldn't believe my eyes. At first it seemed like I was seeing "something" moving in the bedroom, and after a little bit, as my eyes adjusted, they started to get clearer.

I was entranced by what I was seeing. It seemed so unreal... like there were these things floating out of my closet. It was especially hard to believe because the things made no noise whatsoever. They just kind of coasted along, very stealthily. I don't know how long I watched them for... it seemed like forever. I just couldn't really understand what was making me see this very strange thing. What really got my attention though was when they started looking at me.

The longer I stared at them, the more I could make out about what they looked like (which was several VERY faint blue "cloaked" "people", which really wasn't much to make out, but I digress). I'm sure it was obvious that I was staring at each of them as they stopped over my brother, poured out their pitcher, turned around, and went back into the closet. Each of them, as they reached that point above my brother's head where they were closest to me, would turn their cowled head in a slow and deliberate manner to look in my direction... I suppose... to see if I was going to do anything.

When they started reacting to me in this way, I just became paralyzed with fear. It seemed to me that these things were very real and actually concerned about me doing something to stop them from doing whatever the hell they were doing. I think I made a sqealing noise and pulled the covers up over me... not all the way though, because I just couldn't stop looking at these things.

It felt like this went on for hours and hours. (It probably didn't though.)

I'm 23 now. Clearly it was so shocking to me that I still remember it now so well. I swear, as God is my witness, that everything in this letter is completely honest to my memory. These things are as real as you and I.

What really got me were some of the descriptions of these things. Some shadow people stories involve "things seen from the corner of your eye", and this is clearly not one of those. Many stories tell of people wearing cloaks (CLOAKS?? WTF??), carrying objects (like a drawing I saw on the Art Bell website where a bluish cloaked shadow person carried a rod of some sort), and coming out of closets (CLOSETS??). This can not all be coincidence. I know what I'm saying is true, and I know that at lease five other sources have described what I saw (somewhat) happening to someone else. There is no natural reason beings would come from a person's closet (what's in there?), and no "being" that isn't somehow connected with humanity would wear a cloak, a human adornment. None of this makes any sense to me; I've thought about it a lot. But sense or no sense, it's all completely real. It's a far bigger and stranger universe than I think any one person ever dreamed.