From: Stuart
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010 3:25:57 AM
Subject: Shadow people and other things

Hi. I'm happy to give permission for you guys to publish anything I write here. I don't want my personal details known publicly due to spam.

I gather I see the same thing as other people here. So I don't know if this is something you might not want to publish.

I have had a different experiences. When I was around 4-5 years of age I would get up in the early hours of the morning. Near a wall in the house, I could feel an energy that I was attracted to. I think, going by memory, I could also hear a voice. When standing or waiting, a red/orange colour shadow would appear.

It would explain things. This is something I can't remember in detail. I can only remember bits like references to the world, why it's here talking to me, other references to matters/issues I will face and why it's leaving me soon. All this was over a period of a couple of weeks.

On its last morning, it said, before I die, it will visit me. So I guess I don't have anything to worry about till I get a visit. I got the impression it was male. Sounded male and also had authority.

When I was around 10 years old, I started to see shadows. Shadows of what I thought at the time were ghosts.

To this day I still see them. They only come now and then. I'll see them around 6 months and then, nothing. Then I get a wave of shadow people. Eighty percent of the time there will be 2x of them. Sometimes there will be a short one and a taller one. Other times they will be around the same height. The shadow people I see isn't a outline of a person. You don't see the head, ears, arms etc. It's like a 3D shadow of an old priest with cloak and hood. There are no feet. In fact they have around a 20cm gap under them. They seem to hover. I noticed them in the corner on my eyes. Then when you turn knowing someone is there they were gone. Later, in my teens to early 20s, many times I did turn to look, they stayed and just watched. If I watch them and then try talk or walk towards them, they vanish. They seem to linger around door ways and walls. I can normally know when they are due as you pick a energy from them. It's a bit like you know when someone is starring at you. You just know. It's intuition. I don't think they are evil. I'm not sure what they are but I am guessing they try and communicate with me but for some reason vanish when being spoken to or approached.

If anyone has questions on this subject I'm happy to talk further on it.

As an extra matter that's a bit further than shadow people, I thought I seen a vampire back in 1998. I later found out it wasn't. I think it's a demon or evil spirit of some sort. Let me explain.

Between 1996- 1999 I worked as a barman at a local night club. Around 2am, I came up the back stairs of the club and headed through the back end of the club heading towards the main bar. The place was packed. Music was loud and techno and dance floor lights working overtime. You get the picture. As I started to walk past the rear end of the dance floor I suddenly stopped. I felt a sudden chill and energy on my right side, a bit like camping and feeling the heat from the fire on one side of your body.

As I turned towards the energy, all I saw was many people dancing. I kept looking towards the direction of the energy. The crowd moved apart a bit for me to see people dancing on the mail stage at the front of the club. I started walking through the dancers towards the main stage. As I got closer, I could see more and more of the people on the stage floor dancing. The chill feeling got stronger, just like a smell. The dancers were mostly between the ages of 18 to 21. I felt scared but at the same time, something in me felt I needed to hold my ground. What ever it was, shouldn't have been there.

I stood in the crowed of dancers when my eyes focused on a single girl with shoulder length dark hair. She was petite and wore normal looking clothes. She danced away with her hair moving around all over the place. She stop still. Dead still. Not a movement. Her hair covered her face so at this stage, I didn't see what she looked like but I knew now I found my source. I again started to walk towards her but also thinking at the same time: what am I going to do even if I grab her? Anyway, my inner feeling made me move forward. After a few feet of walking towards her, she still didn't move. People around her were still dancing away. She suddenly looked straight up at me. Her hair was now away from her face. She seemed to have a normal looking face but her eyes were totally black. No colour in them at all. She just stared at me. I was grabbed on the arm, at this point, by a coworker and said what they needed to tell me. When I looked back, she was gone. Then to my right I saw people being pushed out the way and she was headed for the back stairs. I made chase. I ran through the crowd and made it to the top of the wooden stairs. She was already down the bottom. I ran down to follow her but when I got to the bottom part of the club where people dined and drank, I heard the beer garden door close to my left.

I ran into the outside beer garden. The beer garden at night is banned. It's off limits. Only the staff go out to take rubbish or to get ice. I did not find her. I looked everywhere. Nothing. So I thought at this stage, it was a vampire. I don't know why…I don't even believe in them. I guess the eyes being black and being able to move so quick, I guessed it was a vampire probably based on movies I seen.

That was 1998. Fast forward to 2010. I'm at a friends house. I said, I'll walk to the supermarket which is a couple blocks away. It's winter here at the time so I put my coat on and go out the door to go to the supermarket. It's around 9:30pm.

I get a few back streets away and as I turn a corner, I suddenly felt the exact same feeling I did back at the night club many years before. I stopped and looked around the streets and nothing. Not a person out just parked cars. I then kept walking down the street. I then saw a figure of a person down the street moving by the fence line. So I kept walking towards it. As I walk to the person ( male in mid 20s), he just stopped. The energy was high. I felt chills but also instinct was saying, be careful of this one. Its presence was not welcomed. As I walked past him, his head followed me. I noticed right away, he too had black eyes. No white parts or anything. Just totally black.

As I just got past him he said, "Do you have the time?" His voice was like any other guy's voice. I turn to face him and as I said in response, "No, I don't," his face changed a little. Like all the muscles in his face moved around at once. Something I had not seen before. Instinct kicked in. I had no control over my inner self. I grabbed him around the neck and threw him onto the foot path and placed my foot on his chest. His eyes did not change. Still black. As I put pressure on his chest and lent over looking into his eyes, he spoke to me. His voice was different now, deep and growly. He said, "I know Jesus, I know Paul but who are you?" I didn't answer. Maybe because I didn't know. So I asked him, "What's your name?" He replied, "I am Legion, for we are many." I lifted my foot off him and he ran away around the corner to where I had just came from.

I have never been to church. I don't belong to one. I have not read the bible and know little about it really. However, to say something about Jesus and Paul, I gather it was a demon. I don't really even know what all that meant. Who is Legion? Why did he say we are many? Doesn't make sense to me but it will be interesting to know if anyone has got more of an idea.

Kind Regards,