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To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, May 2, 2015 6:37:52 PM
Subject: Occult Origins Was the Cause

Years ago, I had a falling out with a friend whose mother was into the occult. She would seek the assistance of Santería and voodoo people to deliberately harm others. I never believed that things like this could really happen but, my story is true.

I began seeing 3 shadowy figures out of the corner of my eyes. I thought that I was going insane because these dark, menacing, slender shadows would be there one second and seem to "fly" by the next. I was afraid to use the bathroom or be alone. They appeared everywhere. They were faceless, shadows.

I confided in a friend of mine who stated that along with the constant bad luck, this sounded like evil had been conjured against me. I went to a person who specialized in removing this sort of thing. She was eerily accurate to include the name of this person's mother, something I hadn't disclosed to anyone. After returning to the States, as she stated would happen, I saw the shadows in the bushes outside my home and eventually they were gone.

I'm a Christian now and must state that later on, I once again encountered a hooded demonic presence in our home. This was about 8 years after the initial problem. I knew its origins stemmed from my conversion from a world of the occult to Christianity. They were angry that I no longer dabbled. Heavy steps were heard in my home-by me and visitors. It sounded like a large man with heavy work boots. One night, my husband and I heard heavy walking headed up to the stairs and our daughter's door open. She started screaming and reported a tall, dark, hooded man standing above her. She started sleeping in the room with me when my husband traveled.

One night, she awoke saying a shadow was above her. It had the head of a jackal. She called on Jesus and it disappeared. Another night, she awoke to it standing above my womb while I slept. Again she called on Jesus and it vanished.

I finally saw it standing in the corner of the room. It was a 6 ft. Hooded male entity with pure, dark evil and hatred for me. It disappeared when I called on Jesus. We had problems conceiving for years. I had been involved in a spiritual marriage with a demon worshipper.

My final encounter was days later when I caught it over my womb. I called aloud on Jesus to save me. A bolt of light shot thru the window and a fiery haired angel appeared with a sword. He took it and smashed thru the entity. It disintegrated into a million pieces. The angel looked back at me and before vanishing into the burst of light. There was a clear difference between the light of good and the nothing of evil. Jesus is Lord. He delivered me from the world of the occult and I haven't seen or heard anything else since.

There's a lot of deception in that world. Follow the Word of God and love Jesus. He'll love you back and save you.

I hope this helps others.