Full Frontal-Attack by Shadow Being
Date: 1/29/2008 1:10:04 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: name witheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I had two shadow experiences in my life - in November 2003 and again in March 2006, for which I have never truly recovered. By September 2006, after weeks of Googling I found info on "shadow people." A lot of people discuss seeing shadow people out of the corner of their eye. What I experience was a full frontal-attack and exactly 13 days later, I was in the hospital and that's when I confessed the "attack" to my husband, mother and father. "Could this mysterious illness be related?" I asked them then and still ask myself now.

My first shadow experience was in Annapolis, MD in November 2003. My husband surprised me for our anniversary by making reservations at this quaint, historic hotel. Nothing seemed amiss all evening. Later that early morning (between 2:30-3:30am), I opened my eyes because I distinctly remember feeling a presence hovering over me. And when I opened my eyes I saw a solid black, human-form leaning over me, and my first instinct was to scream and scream hard.

My husband jumped out of bed in a panic when I screamed. We soon realized it was a bad dream and we went back to sleep but this time with the lights on. The next morning we discussed it briefly at breakfast. We thought at best it was a nightmare and at worst it was ghost since it was a historic hotel and all. I never thought about it again or put two and two together until March 26, 2006.

I was alone on March 26, 2006 as my husband was out of town and the dog was at my parents' house. That day was a bad one. I recall being very depressed and sad. My husband and I had a fight earlier in the day. I went to bed around 11pm and remember walking up a couple hours later. The night-light was on in the bathroom, which was located directly across the hall from our bedroom. In addition, I left the lamp on, which was located down the hall from my bedroom on a little table. So between the hallway light and night-light, I was able to see half of my bedroom, the hallway, and bathroom across the hall - clearly.

I remember I was very cold, so cold that I could see my own breath. I rolled myself up in our queen-size comforter like a croissant trying to get warm. I was facing the hallway when this black mist began to form from the pull-down attic (closed entry) from the hallway ceiling. The mist got bigger as it approached my bedroom door which was wide open. This mist formed into a solid black, hooded, silhouette. It was about 6.5 feet tall with huge, heavy shoulders. It was cloaked in what appeared to me like a black, hooded robe. It walked slowly across the foot of my bed and when it reached my side, it suddenly stopped and cocked its hooded head in my direction. I saw no eyes or human features at all.

I closed my eyes tightly after it had stopped, cocked its head and looked in my direction. I have a heart condition and remembered purposely closing my eyes so that my heart would not stop from sheer fear. The feeling that it gave off was hatred and pure evil. The temperature of the room was unnaturally cold even though our second floor thermostat always stays on 71 thru winter and early spring.

I thought it went away and a few moments later (eyes still tightly closed) I felt this pressure right in the center of my upper stomach. It felt like I was being crushed and my energy was being drained, I was losing consciousness. The last thing I remembered saying was simply, "Jesus." I don't know if I said it out loud or in my head. The very next thing I remember is waking up the next morning around 11am.

On the late afternoon of April 7, 2006, I left work early due to a high fever and a persistent pain in the upper-center of my stomach. It was in the exact location where I felt that crushing sensation some 13 days before. By Saturday, I couldn't stand up straight. My husband and mother took me to an out-patient hospital and they did some preliminary blood test which all came out normal. The doctor thought it could be my gallbladder and said if I was still in pain by that night, to go to the emergency room.

The next morning, I went to emergency and had X-rays and ultra-sounds taken of the upper center stomach. They came back normal. By Tuesday, April 11, I was feeling much better and was scheduled for an Upper GI, which also came back normal. The doctors never did find the source of this severe pain.

We have since moved to a new home but we're still in the same town. I had a weird experience happen a couple of months ago. While sound asleep and dreaming, I had the sensation that children were jumping on my bed while I was sleeping. It literally woke me up out of a sound sleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw these two shadows jump off my bed. Angry, I said, "in the name of Jesus, get out!" Since then, I have not experienced any shadows in the traditional sense but I do, from time to time, experience very vivid nightmares.

I do think shadow beings are demonic and not aliens or human ghosts. They seem to possess a form of intelligence and good timing; they come to you when you’re most vulnerable or alone. I search and search for answers on the Net but find the usual canned and template responses to this strange and frightening phenomenon. I want to find out what they want from us? Why they show themselves to some while avoid others? Is there a pattern or a common denominator between those who have seen them and those who have not?